21 August 2013


If you haven't seen it already you can check out my 1st post on my time in Paris/Disneyland here!
On Wednesday we spent the day having a walk around the city and taking in some of the city's more famous sites. We started our day from the station right next to the Disney Village and hopped on a double decker train! We purchased tickets which allowed unlimited travel throughout the zones and was, I think, a reasonable 14euros for the day. Our first stop was to Bir Hakeim - a station very close to the Eiffel Tower. Our original plan was to head up to the very top of the Eiffel Tower but due to delays and major queues, we instead turned our day into seeing how many of the famous sites in Paris we could do! After we had walked around the Eiffel Tower site and explored that area a bit we then headed off in search of the Arc de Triomphe. The map we were using caused us a few problems but we eventually found it and it is seriously impressive and the roundabout was a lot less busy than I thought it would be! We then took a stroll all the way down the Champs-ÉlyséesI actually went into my first Sephora whilst there, but didn't actually buy anything!

When we reached the end, we made our way to the gardens near the Louvre. We had a fresh baguette for lunch before going to see the Louvre itself. The surrounding building of the Louvre was completely unexpected as we both thought that it was all out in the open and neither of us expected the glass triangle to be surrounded on 3 sides. The buildings are amazing and it's definitely a lovely place to look around, especially the gardens. We then looked on the map to find the next place we should visit which was Notre Dame. Along the way we stumbled across the Lover's Bridge, with all the padlocks placed on it, which was something I'd originally wanted to see but didn't have a clue where it was! I was very happy to have seen it in person as it's amazing just the sheer amount of locks that are on it. Once we had reached Notre Dame we sat outside in the sun for a bit before taking a look around inside.

And that was it! We did A LOT of walking that day and I really enjoyed seeing a lot of sites along the way. Paris is a great city to take a walk around and explore. One of the key things we learnt from the day was that you definitely need a couple of days to see Paris properly. We got to the Eiffel Tower only 30 minutes after it had opened and the queue was very long, so I would suggest if you want to do any of the main sites to get there before opening times. So perhaps one day get up early to do the Eiffel Tower and then another early morning start to see the Louvre. I had a lovely day and loved taking in all the sites.

Thanks very much for reading!