23 October 2014


When you follow a bunch of people on Twitter who are into their fitness and have amazing blogs (I'm looking at you Charlie, Sophie & Leah - to name just a teeny handful!), you soon start to build a list of events that you REALLY REALLY want to participate in. This is where I've found myself at the moment. With more than I have fingers (and nearly toes) of events that I want to give a go in 2015- here is just a few that are top of my list.

In terms of half marathons (a distance I seem to have fallen in love with after only completing two so far) I'm looking at both Plymouth and the Eden Project again. They're both ones I raced this year and two I thoroughly enjoyed, so hopefully I'm definitely looking at entering both of those.

For shorter distances the first race I'm looking at falls the day before my 21st birthday. You know you love running when you are actually disappointed you can't celebrate your 21st doing a race as it falls on a Monday! So Sunday 1st February sees the first Cancer Research Winter 10k race in London being held. Now, I love London. I love running. And 10k is a lovely distance. Plus, it's the day before my birthday and I know quite a few people doing it. This race is top of my bookmarks at the moment and I'm edging ever closer to booking that place to run!
For another 10k event I am seriously hoping that ELLE & Nike run We Own The Night again in 2015. I LOVED this race (you can check my recap here). It was a great experience and an event I want to do again next year!

I'm also looking at a duathlon, the Adidas Thunder Run (a24 hour race), Tough Mudder, Reebok Spartan Race, Men's Health assualt course and the London Rat Race!

If you have any suggestions of events or races that I NEED to have on my list and enter then please do let me know or tweet me @afloralcrown.