04 November 2015


The crisp morningsextra layers and the occasional snazzy hat. There's something that I just love about running in the cold weather.

Last Winter I ran through it as part of my runstreak, this year I'll be training for something a bit more specific. I'm excited to layer up and explore. To watch the sunrise at the top of hill or simple sprint through the crunchy leaves.

I recently participated in my first trail rail - Trailscape North (full post to come soon) and LOVED it. In primary school I was ran cross country. Each Friday was the highlight of my week when I would come home covered in mud trainers soaked through. I feel trail running is letting me set my inner child free. At Trailscape rather than avoiding the largest puddle on the course I may have not run straight through it... I couldn't resist. It was like a duck being drawn to water. The more puddles there were the more I just wanted to splash through them - my inner child having a field day.

Trail running is a whole new experience that I'm excited to explore a lot more over the next couple of months. Hills, mud, hillbs puddles, hills and more mud! I'll mainly be sticking to the trails and off road as part of my training but I'm also planning to add at least one road or track run in each week, to try and maintain some speed and switch up my training. I'll also carry on cycling throughout as I've fallen quickly in love with spending time on my bike. Compared to last year I'm a lot more equipped for riding in the cold and I'm slowly getting used to the art of coffee stops (it's taken me a while to accept this happens a lot over the off-season!).

So I'll be the one wearing shorts, running through most puddles and hopefully not tripping over whilst out on the coastal paths. I'm excited to explore and see new scenery and attempt a different challenge in preparation for my first race of 2016.

What are you plans to keep running through the chillier months?

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  1. Oh my God you are crazy!Shorts?In this weather?Wow!Happy preparation girl!!!!