14 December 2015


Having only purchased my road bike last October, I only briefly discovered the Festive 500 after reading Sarah's blog. My bike mileage was low and there was no way this challenge would have been possible for me to do in 2014.  However, this year I'll be tackling the challenge to see how I fair!

Rapha's Festive 500 is an annual challenge encouraging riders to tackle 500km (around 312 miles) in the eight days from Christmas Eve's to New Year's Eve. If you spread that distance out over the full 8 days it equals just shy of 40 miles per day.

My plan for the Festive 500 is to rediscover some old routes I used for training during my Ironman preparation and to hopefully complete the full 500km. My fingers are crossed for some dry weather as well as some mild temperatures. I'll be mixing up the routes with some flat, easy routes as well as trying to get a good chunk of climbing in.

I'm planning to write a blog post each day documenting my rides each day and will be sharing the posts links via my Twitter and Instagram.

It all starts next Thursday, so who's in?!
Learn more about the Festive 500 here and join in on Strava: Rapha Festive 500 2015

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  1. I'm away skiing otherwise I would be 100% up for it! (although I feel that is me using a bit of a ridiculous excuse, not exactly something to be complaining about!) I reckon you will be well on your way if this mild weather holds out! Looking forward to the updates...