12 March 2013


This is a super simple DIY on how to create your own bunting from your favourites magazines.

All you will need:
- Magazines
- Ruler
- String
- Glue
- Pen
- Scissors

1. First go through your magazines and tear out any of the pages your fancy creating you bunting from. Adverts tend to work quite nicely as the majority have a lot of patterns.
2. Next all you need to do is select the section of the page you want a triangle of the bunting to be made from. Draw your triangles over the section you want. I made mine with a base of 10.5cm and the two other sides were 11cm in length. After you've cut 1 triangle you can then use this to create the rest, this makes sure that every section of your bunting in the same size.
3. Once you've cut all of your triangles out, all you have to do now is assemble your bunting. For this you can simply line the shortest side with glue (this short side will be the top) and then stick the thread on top to join all of the pieces together. Alternatively you can use small blobs of blue tack on the corners of the top side and then place the thread again across the top of the triangles.
4. And that's it! Simply stick it on your wall using blue tack and it's done.

And it's as simple as that! I only made a short string of bunting for the side of my wardrobe but I plan on making one much longer for my wall.