26 March 2013


After recently purchasing some washi/paper tape from Paperchase scrapbooking, I wanted to see if there was any other use for these little rolls of Japanese tape. I soon stumbled across some posts (this one and this one) showing how you can use paper tape to decorate your phone. So, I had a free 5 minutes the other morning and decided I would set about revamping an old phone case.
For this super quick and simple DIY all you need is:
- Scissors
- A hard phone case (best place I would suggest for a cheap one would be eBay)
- Paper tape. This can be found in numerous styles also on eBay. This pack of 6 is from Paperchase - £6.

1. Take your first strip of tape. I would suggest to work with the larger sizes first, then work down to the smaller ones. You can lay the tape in anyway you like, I just went for a simple diagonal stripes for mine. Simply apply the tape to the back of the case, leaving some excess at the ends to tuck under. Also when you have applied the tape try and get all of the air bubbles and lumps out from under the tape to avoid it lifting or peeling away.
2. Take your next strip and repeat the same process as in the first step. I decided to leave a little gap in between each of my strips as I really like the look it gives.
3. Keep repeating with each of your colours that you want to use until all of the phone case you wish to cover is covered.
4. Then all you need to do is place the case on your phone and that's it, a revamped phone case that took no time at all!

Two other ways in which you could use paper tape to decorate a phone case are:
- If you have a removable back cover on your phone you could simply apply the tape directly to the phone back and then place a clear phone case over the top (extremely easy to find on eBay) to protect your design.
- Alternatively, you could draw around your phone on a piece of card and then place the washi tape onto the card. Take a clear phone case and sandwich the piece of decorated card in between your phone and the case. This idea is perfect if you constantly like to change the way your phone looks as all you have to do is swap around the cardboard insert and you instantly have a new design on the back of your phone! I think this method would be slighter better with an iPhone as they have flat backs to them.

This is so quick and simple to do and because of the variety of styles and colours that paper tape comes in it really is such a great way to give your phone a bit of a revamp!

Thank you very much for reading!


  1. I am ridiculously obsessed with washi tape, my filofax is covered in it! never thought of doing something like this, nice idea :) xx