11 August 2014


Through my runstreak, running quickly become a part of my everyday life that was here to stay. I really enjoy running, but over the past couple of months I been struggling to bring back the love I once had for it. I've become slightly bored with my routes, my playlist and started lacking the motivation to run further distances. When I was training for half marathon I really enjoyed pushing myself and achieving the goals of hitting those mile markers. But, without that goal/deadline to work towards, getting back to running those longer distances has been non existent. Since my half marathon the furthest I've run is around 4/5 10ks and a sprinkling of 5ks along with at least one mile day (as part of my run streak).

So I've decided it's time for a little bit of a change. So it's time for a little bit of a change. I'm hoping to restart my love for running and get back into running longer distances. Also learning to have fun with it again and the challenge that comes as part of working up to the longer distances. I've gained a lot of inspiration recently from the large group of running/cycling/fitness bloggers that I follow on Twitter (and their sites) and it's definitely helped to start helping me bring back the love for running. Here are just a few of my running/cycling and general fitness inspiration - CharlieAlexaLeahAmyCarlySophie, Melissa, Cathy, Cat and Jen.

I'm going to carry on run streaking everyday, with at least a mile run, but I'm hoping to gradually build back up to having longer runs again on Sunday mornings.
It's time for me to lace up my trainers, rejig my playlist and head out the door to push myself further and get those miles up again. If you have any song recommendations or blogs to follow do let me know or tweet me @afloralcrown with your recommendations!