21 April 2015


Last Thursday I hit 365 days on my runstreak. That means for a whole year I've ran at least a mile. Every. single. day. In that year I've ran two half marathons and two 10ks, covered over 750 miles and ran in both my hometownLondon & in the Midlands. I've run through rain, beautiful sunshine, very heavy winds and even a spot of snow. I had a whole lot of fun challenging myself to lace up my trainers and run everyday!

There have definitely been some hard and easy runs along the way but I'm planning to do a full write up soon going into a bit more detail on how I feel! But for now, that's my 365 days of running. This run was actually a double run day as I ran a separate mile to make sure I hit the year mark with a good run. I then headed to track in the evening thinking we were going to have an shorter distance session (as quite a few of us were running the half marathon that weekend). But in typical fashion we actually ended up doing 4 x 1 mile repeats! So, 5 miles to celebrate a year - not too bad at all! 

I'm currently still going with my runstreak but planning to end it towards the end of this week. To keep up to date check out my Twitter - @afloralcrown to see all my runs as they're uploaded!

I've written summary posts for previous milestones which you can check out here:
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  1. Wow! what an amazing achievement! I struggled with the Marcothon, running every day in December, so it must feel great to have reached 365 days! Any motivational tips to get yourself out the door when you're just not feeling it that day??
    Amy | http://thescientistruns.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment! There were definitely some days when I found it hard to get out and run. Often I'd just say to myself it's only 10 minutes - so I'd put headphones in put on a good upbeat song and head out! Other times I'd pick an easier running route (so going down a hill first) or I'd just set off at a slower pace and try to ignore the time I was going to finish it in! :) Hope those help a little! If you need anymore tips or anything give me a tweet @afloralcrown! :)