30 April 2015


The 19th April was my anniversary of my first ever half marathon. I knew I wanted to run the course again because I really enjoyed it and also wanted to half a Spring half marathon to train for. 

I loved the run. The crowds were great. The weather was incredible and it was a great feeling running in a race again. It was the furthest I'd run since October the previous year (the Eden Project Half Marathon) and it was a fantastic feeling to break past the distance I'd been running in my training. 

The course is mainly road based with a small section through the Saltram House grounds. It's somewhat undulating in places as there's definitely a flat portion but it also ends with a lovely little hill to the finish... 

I went out with the aim of hitting 9 minute miles average which would mean that I'd PB and also potentially secure a sub 2 half marathon. I am INCREDIBLY happy that I beat my PB by 15 minutes minutes with a time of 1:54:36. It also means I beat my course time from last year by just over 30 minutes. I was VERY happy and the weather just made it even more amazing. 

My next half marathon is in October. I'll be running the Royal Parks Half Marathon after being lucky enough to secure a spot through the ballot! I'm incredibly excited to run a longer London race. In terms of PB'ing at Royal Parks? Who knows. It'll be exactly a month after Ironman and the week I move to London for a month. Even if I don't I'm slowly learning that the experience is just as important as the result and that having a blast and then PB'ing is an incredible feeling. 

I don't know how many people would be interested in a more detailed race recap about the course and price etc. but if you are let me know @afloralcrown on Twitter. 


  1. Congrats, that's amazing! The furthest I've ever ran is 10k!

  2. Congratulations! Well done you :)