11 June 2013


I've used these for nearly 3 weeks on my regular twice a week wash (my hair doesn't need a wash everyday) and I've had different results each time trying to work out which combination is the best to use. The first time I used these I was left a bit underwhelmed, my hair looked and felt pretty much the same as with any other shampoos I had used before. However, when I've tried a pre-wash with another shampoo and then re-washing it with these I started to see the kind of results I wanted from this duo.

I've tried just this duo on it's own, double wash with these, pre-washes with other shampoos and mixing another shampoo with this one. The shampoo combination I've had the most success with has been using the Aussie Mega Shampoo to pre-wash it and then applying these to properly wash me hair. I noticed that my hair was certainly a lot more voluminous  it had texture and I even noticed that my hair was still soft from using the conditioner  I'm still trying to find the perfect combination that will give me soft hair yet with a lot of texture and volume but so far I have liked using these!
They are on the higher end of the hair care price scale, but even after 5/6 washes the amount in the bottles hasn't gone down by a huge lot with I'm impressed by as I feel like these could last a lot longer than I expected!

Next on my wishlist to try the is mini Surf Spray, so I may use my Boots points on this! Are there are Bumble and Bumble products you would recommend? Or any products you would recommend to give texture/volume to the hair?
Bumble & Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner mini bottles £5.50 each.

Thanks for reading!