18 June 2013


Today's DIY is a cute idea on creating mini envelopes to present tiny gifts in!

What you'll need:
- Old magazines
- Glue
- Ruler
- Pen
- Scissors

1. Create a template of the design on a piece of card so that it's easy to duplicate. The measurements for my template are:
- Two large rectangles side by side are 6.5cm wide and 11.5cm tall.
- On the left hand rectangle you need to create a long side tab 1.5cm in width and the same length as the side of the rectangle.
- On the other rectangle (not the one with long tab) you need a top tab which is 2cm deep and the same width as the rectangle (6.5cm). The other tab needs to be 1.5 cm in depth and the same 6.5cm across.
To create the diagonal slants on all of the tabs mark 1cm along the top edge and cut at a diagonal from the corner.
2. Once you've drawn the template cut it out. Use the template to draw your shape onto your selected piece of magazine. When you've done that cut the magazine shape out.
3. Score very lightly along the tabs (shown with dotted lines on the second image).
3. Add some glue to the long tab and the bottom tab on the right hand side. Stick these both down and you should end up with a little pocket with a tab on the top.
4. Fill with your gift and then add some glue to the top tab to stick it down.
5. Add a message or name and that's it your done!

The template takes the longest thing to make on this DIY, but once that's done it's super simple to do! If you would like my template send me an email (my email is on my contacts page) and I can send it over to you!
Thanks very much for reading!