02 October 2013


The second in a series, featuring some of my favourite collections from Paris Fashion Week this season.

Veronique Leroy's collection consisted of elegant pieces that really caught my eye. I loved the shapes of the collection from the longer dresses to the structured jackets. The necklines were kept high with many of the dress having a shorter hemline, falling above the knee. The higher neckline helped to balance the pieces out well. The colour palette was kept basic with neutral colours such as whites and blacks being used. This added to the more formal and sophisticated feel of the collection. My favourite part of this collection was the details. The layering and fullness of the skirts really created interesting silhouettes, whilst still keeping to a classic shape. 

Giambattista Valli's collection really felt like a Spring/Summer collection to me. There was a great variety  of pieces that would be suited to either occasion. For Spring there were some more structured piece in the form of jackets and skirts which would work well for the colder weeks at the beginning of the year. Then you had the more Spring pieces which came in the form of long dresses created from floating fabrics. The fabrics were kept light, airy and feminine. It wasn't just the fabrics that added to this Spring/Summer feel the colours were kept light and pastel toned for many of the pieces. There were high necklines, especially on those pieces that featured a higher hem line. One of the prettiest details shown in this collection was the 3D flower detailing that could be seen on some of the pieces. It really added something to the dresses without over powering them.

Sacai has been one of the more interesting and unusual collections that I've seen so far this week There were a great mixture of patterns and colours which really worked well as a whole collection. The colours ranged from more muted browns and darker navys to bright oranges and metallic blues. Not only was there an interesting use of colours but a few of the shapes and styles of the pieces were different to the usual as well. There were varying waistlines throughout the collection. Some were dropped to below the hip line whilst other pieces a higher empire line to them. The silhouettes of many of the pieces were kept quick basic with some having little shape and simple going straight up and down. I did like the overall look of this collection. There were lots of pieces in it that caught my eye and I loved the pastel blues shown as well as the bright oranges, both perfect for Spring/Summer.

Celine featured many pieces with a graphic design print aspect to them. There was a mix of more solid skirts as well as pleating in sheerer fabrics also been done in a few of the pieces. As well as this mix of fabric we also saw some more solid pieces compared to those that were heavily patterned. The graphic design print used was fairly basic and really worked well with the designs. It added something well as the shapes of the pieces themselves were kept fairly basic. Layering was used quite a lot in this show. On some of the pieces we could see a longer skirt underneath with an added long top piece on half which would cover over the hips. This was an interesting look but one I think worked well. The necklines were all kept high, with the tops either having a slight scoop in the next or a lot more rounded right at the top.

Maxime Simoens is one of my favourite collections from those I've picked for today's post. I loved the look of the collection and it really caught my eye. There was a great use of detail being down with ruffles, layering and fringe detailing. The looks were more masculine that some of the other collections we have seen. The shapes and styles used though really balanced this out and there was still the feminine side to the pieces there. The looks were kept quite monochrome with the occasional colour such as blue popping through. The other fabric choice was a thick metallic fabric (above, far left) which work really well when mixed with the added black details and trim. Collars featured on some of the pieces either layered underneath a top jumper section of by themselves on a shirt. 

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com

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*Photographs via Style.com

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