12 February 2013


This is a really simple DIY on how to make a floral crown. Floral crowns were a big hit last Spring/Summer and they may be set to return this year. If you wanted to try out the look before spending a lot of money on a proper one then this may be the perfect idea!

All you need to make one of these crowns is:
- A headband
- Fake flowers on wire

You can use any headband that you like, this rose gold one was one I had just lying around. Fake flowers are fairly easy to get hold of and the one I've used are on wire which makes this an even easier DIY. If you wanted you could get a thin simple aliceband from eBay and use a hot glue gun to stick the heads of the flower straight to the top.

The method that I'm using is super easy.
1. To start all you need to do is position your first flower around the middle of your headband.
2. Then once in position all you need to do is begin to tightly wrap the wire around your headband.
3. Carry on wrapping the wire around the band, in a figure of eight action until you reach the end of the wire.
4. Continue this until all of the headband is covered or until you reach your desired amount of flowers.

And it's as easy as that! The great thing about doing this method is you can reuse the flowers multiple times and also it allows you to change headband as the base of the crown.

Thanks for reading and Happy Pancake Day!