28 January 2014


Last Saturday a friend and I headed down to the Southbank to try out the food on offer at Wahaca. I had heard a lot about it from various other bloggers, so it's always been on my list on new places to try. I loved it there.

The whole of the restaurant in quite narrow and built in large container style design, built over two floors. The main restaurant area is downstairs and then the upper floor is half restaurant as well as a bar and small seating area. We tried two of the drinks from the bar menu, Citrus fizz and Hibicius Water, both of which tasted sooo good. Now to the food. My friend and I shared the "Wahaca Selection" which consists of; 3 pork pibil tacos, 2 quarters of a large chicken quesadilla, 3 winter vegetable tacos, 2 sweet potato taquitos and 1 corn & bean salad. There was a lot there and for the price (£19.95) this is something I would definitely suggest if you were heading out for lunch. There was a good amount of food and I personally think it was worth the money. The menu has a good range on it from small dishes to larger ones, such a burritos. Check out the full Southbank menu.

There are so many extra details which really make this restaurant have a lovely atmosphere. From the small woven baskets, to the wooden menus and even the small packet of serrano chilli seeds you receive on your way out, it really is a place I'm looking forward to revisiting. The restaurant is open from 12pm-11pm Monday to Saturday and then 12pm-10:30pm on Sundays.

I would really recommend taking a visit to Wahaca if you were after something a bit different for lunch in a great setting. If you are after something that you could grab and go, make sure you check out the Mexican Street Kitchen right outside the main restaurant. Have you ever tried anything from Wahaca before?
Nearest tube stations: Waterloo or Embankment (short walk to cross the river)

26 January 2014


- Visiting the National Gallery and seeing two of the sunflowers together by Vincent Van Gogh.(Currently being displayed until 27th April 2014).
- First time eating at Wahaca (highly recommend the sharing platter for two)
- Seeing the Landscape Photographer of the Year (Take a View) exhibition at the National Theatre (on show until
- Visiting Somerset House; seeing a falcon display and viewing the Behind the Mask photography exhibition -  portraits of about BAFTA award winners, and those nominated for awards, across the years. Featuring over 100 portraits of actors, Behind the Mask is running until 7th February in the West Wing galleries.

Hope you all had a lovely week and enhoyed your weekend!

23 January 2014


A look at some of the collections that stood out to me from this years Couture Fashion Week Spring/Summer held in Paris.
Armarni Privé had a deep and rich colour palette consisting of mainly purples. The colour palette really helped create a glamorous collection. The fabrics were silky and created a lovely silhouette on the models. The pieces were mainly more fitted on the top half with the skirt pieces being more loose and floaty. This was a collection that worked extremely well as a whole and looked beautiful altogether on the final walk down. The waist on many of the pieces were cinched in creating a nice shape to the dresses.

Elie Saab is a designer I will always keep an eye on, as their pieces are always beautifully designed and made. This collection was certainly no exception. There was a mix of glamorous dresses as well as more full length gowns. The mix in lengths throughout the pieces created a collection that was all round stunning. Embellishment was heavily prominent with small beading detail used to create incredible patterns on many of the pieces. The hair and make up were kept simple and sophisticated to suit the look of the show. Many pieces had high neck lines which worked well with the overall silhouette of the designs. This was definitely my favourite collection of this couture showcase in Paris. I think this collection is stunning and the amount of detailing was simply amazing. There was a great range of fabric and styles which definitely showcased the talent of the designer and the attention to detail.

One of the collections that certainly caught my eye this couture season was by Christian Dior. There was a good range of silhouettes and shapes, creating a nice rounded collection. The pieces were kept quite structured for many of them with some having a clear shape. Others were less structured around the waist area and less defined. Nearly all of the collection featured a cut out design in some way. It was a large holed netted material that was overlaid on many of the pieces. Although some pieces - with the almost netted over lay - were a bit unusual, I did like many pieces from this collection. I thought the cut out pattern was really interesting and added texture to the collection. I also thought the colour palette of blues, whites and blacks worked really well with the fabric choices. 

Chanel has to one of my favourite colecltions I've seen from the couture shows this week. The pieces were beautiful with there being such a high level of detail being created. I loved the look of the pieces where they cinched in at the waist with the top half of the piece being loser and allowing the detail at the waists to show. I loved the colours chosen to create the palette; with there being creams, baby blues as well as blacks to add contrast. The embesllishment really added a stunning effect to the pieces as they went down the catwalk. I think this follows on beautifully from the tweed pieces at the Chanel RTW S/S 2014 show with the textures created within the pieces.

Overall, the collections I've seen from this seasons couture shows have been stunning. There have been so many pieces with beautiful and intricate detailing. The stand outs for me were definitely Elie Saab and Chanel, with both collections just producing rounded collections where I liked the look of every piece shown.

What have thought of the Spring/Summer Couture collections from Paris this season? Check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com.

Thanks for reading!
*Photographs via Style.com

20 January 2014


A week that involved:
- Being the audience for The Cube
- Meeting up with friends
- Taking my first visit to Brick Lane
- Buying one too many checked shirts
And, standing on a hill for an hour to create a time lapse of a sun rise.

Hope you all had a lovely week!

14 January 2014


I've always loved sports and preferred long distance running whilst I was still in school. SO after being increasingly inspired more and more every week from reading the lovely Aunie's blog (definitely check it out!) I swiftly signed up for my first half marathon after debating the idea for a while. At the end of the April I will be running my first half marathon and I couldn't be more excited! If you would like to see some more posts on that perhaps weekly/fortnightly training updates then let me know!

09 January 2014


I took some photos the other day when I went out for a walk so I wanted to share them on here, the light was changing constantly so sorry for the continuity between lighting in these photos.
 Hope you are all having a lovely week. 

03 January 2014


On New Years Eve I went down to the beach to finally take my new 35mm film camera out for a test run! I don't have a clue what the images look like but I will be sure to share them on here when I develop the film (fingers crossed they turned out okay!). I also took my DSLR with me as I wanted to test out my new camera lens. So here are just a few photos that I took on the day!

01 January 2014


So a new year has begun!! I hope you all had a great night last night whatever you did! I don't know what this year will bring but I'm excited to continue on from where 2013 left off! This evening I shall definitely be tuning in to the new series premiere of Sherlock and I could not be more excited for it!