14 May 2013


Although this is something a bit different to what I'd normally write about, I really wanted to do a brief post on this as I love this album and wanted to share it with you all! I originally started listening to Gabrielle Aplin around this time last year which was a few of months before she released her Please Don't Say You Love Me lyrics video and since then I have loved listening to every piece she has released or covered. Last year she did the iTunes festival and her live E.P. from this is also amazing.

So, since then I have been following the music she covers/releases and have been incredibly excited for her debut album to be released. Around 2 months ago I decided I wanted to pre-order the album in a signed vinyl edition to display alongside my Ellie Goulding Halycon vinyl. When it arrived I was so excited to open it up and get listening to the CD. The album artwork itself is beautiful and it looks so pretty all framed on my wall. I've had a chance to listen to it a few times now and I'm loving it! Some of my favourite songs include; Keep on Walking, Salvation, Panic Cord and Home. There is honestly not one song I don't like on her debut album and I could happily listen to it over and over again. The music itself is fantastic and singing is amazing as well, it's just a great all round album.

English Rain was released yesterday so you can now purchase the album! You can buy a digital copy from iTunes, as well as buying a physical CD in a standard or deluxe version, and you can also buy a vinyl edition (which includes the standard CD). All physical versions can be found on her online store here!

I love this album (if you couldn't already tell!) and would really recommend it! Let me know if you've had a listen and thanks for reading!