30 November 2014


Christmas is the time when many of us indulge more than usual, and why wouldn't we with all the super duper tasty festive foods on offer?! It's also the time where many of us starting thinking of our New Year's resolutions, where a come theme it that it's fitness related. With both these things in mind, I decided to start this little series on my blog for December all about having a fitness themed December. Working out and eating a bit healthier over the lead up to the big day itself. When it comes to Christmas Day... roast dinner?! I will definitely be enjoying that!

I bring you the 24 days of Christmas Fitness! 24 days leading up until Christmas day filled with posts to hopefully motivate and inspire you to keep up your fitness/improve it during the Christmas season. Each day will be alternating between an exercise themed post and a recipe idea. Quite a few of the recipes are healthy alternatives to sweet treats as well as some being simple breakfast ideas.

I really hope you like this idea, I'm super excited to share some posts and recipes I've been planning for a while now and hopefully inspire some New Year's resolutions to begin a little earlier!

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29 November 2014


At the beginning of November I began a month of blogging everyday. I really enjoyed posting a lot more this month and actually found it helped a lot with my inspiration. I've posted more about fitness which is something I'm really passionate about. Tomorrow I've got a little introduction post going up about my new series I'll have for December. I'm hoping to continue posting a lot more, maybe sticking to every other day, when I finish my new series!

Links to all the posts from this month
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27 November 2014


Say hello to Hazel Wallace or as you may know her, The Food Medic. She is currently studying Medicine MBBcH, having already achieved a degree in Medicine Sciences Bsc. She currently has a Clean eats & Healthy Treats eBook available filled with a ton of super tasty looking treats.

I first discovered Hazel via her Instagram, it's pretty awesome you should check it out, where she posts some incredible looking, super tasty and healthy food ideas. She also has a website where you shares her awesome #SundayService workouts, recipes and soon to be nutrition advice.

If you're looking for health and fitness inspiration, some great home and gym workouts as well as some healthy recipe ideas then check her out!

Her links are - Instagram, WebsiteTwitter and also her eBook.

25 November 2014


I'm not sure anyone really enjoys training or exercising in the Winter. Summer months seem more appealing to many; it's a lot warmer, early mornings and did I mention it's warm?! Winter on the other hand is different. For a start, the weather doesn't tend to be as fabulous; rain, wind, even snow, don't tend to make working our the most appealing thing to do. And the pitch black early mornings -  make me think "I'm going to stay in bed" instead of "time to go out and run!".

So here are just a couple of tips that may ease the pain some of us have with working out during these colder months.

New Year Goals. Set yourself a challenge for the New Year. It gives you a goal and something to train towards over the this season. It can be anything; a 5k, 10k, Spring half or full marathon! It's completely up to you, but having a date in your diary to work towards definitely makes it easier to get up and go. I'm planning on running the London Winter 10k Run on the 1st of February

Buy new kit. You know that super snuggly looking jacket you've been eyeing up for months? Go for it. I find new workout kit definitely helps to motivate me to exercise when it's cold, especially if it's chucking it down outside. I recently picked up some long sleeved tops from Karrimor and they've really kept me warm when I'm up early cycling or going for a run.

Stay safe. If you're out early and whilst it's still dark you need to make sure you're wearable appropriate clothing. Wear reflective clothing that means you can easily be seen by others. Stick to routes you know and well lit paths if you can. Make sure somebody knows where you are and that you have a phone on you. If you're heading out for a longer run or cycle have I.C.E (in case of emergency) details on you if something were to happen.

Start your resolutions early. Although I have never really have resoultions for New Year, I do know that an extremely common one for many people is to exercise more and eat well. So what better way to kick start your resolution that to begin early? By the time Janaruay 1st rolls arund you'll be in the swing of a new fitness routine and can sit happy knowing you've made a great start in having  a healthy fitness journey.

Try something new. New classes, new workouts or even just a new route. Routine is a good thing. It adds structure to our days and can help keep us organised and motivated. But doing the same old exercise over and over again is a completely different ball game. If you're stuck in a workout rut it can leave you demotivated and unwilling to exercise. To combat this try a new class at the gym or simply run a new route and explore the area you live!

Get your workout in early. Although this isn't the easiest thing to do over Winter as the mornings are pitch black it can be a positive thing. If you do your workout in the morning it means you can spend the evenings after work just relaxing and knowing you don't have to go out in the cold. (Check out my tips on early morning workouts).
What are your tips for exercising during these colder times? Let me on Twitter @afloralcrown.

23 November 2014


I'm sure most people will have experienced a run when it hasn't gone they way they planned it at all. The pace may have been all over the place, you didn't run as far or as fast as you wanted/planned to, your legs weren't feeling great or your head just simply wasn't in it that day. Just because you've had a bad run though doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Sometimes we need those bad runs in order to move forward with our training and have a fresh start.

Take this an opportunity to restart your attitude to running and also take a break if you need it. If you keep having a few bad runs in a row sometimes it's best to just take a couple of days off and relax. The pressure to run can especially build up whilst training for a race. Have that break period and allow yourself some time off, then come back to it. Not only will your body be rested and ready to go, but your head will also be in it more and you'll be mentally ready to run.

If you haven't got a goal to train towards, set one. It can be anything from a beating a previous race result, to a new distance to run. When we get stuck in a routine we can get demotivated. So, mixing up that routine can give us a chance to get out that rut.

Finally, everyone has their bad runs, no matter their level. Don't get down if it happens. Get some new music, perhaps a new route, lace up your trainers when you're ready and get out the door. You'll soon fall back in love with running and realise that the bad runs make the good ones feel so much better.

Do you have any specific things that you do when you have a bad run or workout session?
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*photo of the lovely Charlie from The Runner Beans - taken by me

21 November 2014


Yesterday, I fell off my bike. My pedal met the curb. Swiftly followed by the rest of my bike, and me. The result? Two very sore knees, one teeny cry and then a cycle home, feeling a bit sorry for myself.

This was the first time I had fallen of my road bike and I don't think I'll be in a hurry to repeat that experience. Falling off your bike is never fun. Especially not at 6:30am, in the dark and cold. When it happened I didn't really know how to react. It was the first time I'd also fallen of a bike with my trainers in holders, so I was pretty much attached to my my bike as it went down. After it had happened, I had a short sob, tried figuring out if I wanted to sit down or stand up, walk around or just do anything. I thought about phoning home and letting my dad know there and then, seeing if he could pick me up. But, I quickly got rid of that thought. I was out cycling, I needed to get myself home. I needed to sort it out myself.

I picked my bike and went to pedal. The chain had come off. Brilliant, I thought, but nothing that I can't fix myself. After sorting that out, calming myself down and getting back on my bike, I took it slow and started to head home.

Yes my knees were hurting and it was painful but I couldn't sit there all day moping by myself. I knew a fall was likely to happen and I'm sure it won't be the last but when you fall you need to learn to get back up again. It wasn't easy or pleasant but there was a feeling of motivation I had when I put my chain back on, got back on my bike and cycled.

In the words of Alfred (yes I am about to quote from Batman) -

"Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up."

We'll never know how to get back up again if we never have the experience of falling in the first place. Sometimes it's not always pleasant but getting that initial experience out that way means, if it repeats, it can be a lot easier to handle the second time. I'm not likely to forgot that first little fall of my bike, the bruises will probably take a short while to disappear, but I know that if I happens again I will - get back on the bike and just cycle. 

19 November 2014


Carrying on from last weeks post I thought I'd share some more fitness bloggers whose blogs I've been loving lately!

Lucy @ Lucy Lunges
Jen Slater @ Eclectic Cake
Melissa Webb @ Lissy Runs
Charlie Brown @ Run Around Town
Laura Stewart @ Life Laura London
London and Me

Again, make sure to check out all those mentioned and let me know who you're favourites are @afloralcrown.

17 November 2014


Prepare your kit. There's nothing worse than having to organise your kit and bag in the morning before your workout. The main reason being you have to get up even earlier. To solve this, pack the night before. Seriously, pack your bag.  I can't recommend enough how much easier it is when your kit is already to go. It means you can get changed, get up and just begin. Plus, extra time to sleep!

Book a classes. My local gym has a class on a Friday at 7:15am, and it's always completely booked up. People love an early class to get them set and ready for the day so take advantage of any gym classes that begin before work.

Give the gym a go. Get to the gym for opening and work out before you head to work. It'll help to wake you, ready you for the day and it also means you don't have to workout after you finish in the evening.

If you don't have a gym? Try and get up 30 minutes earlier than usual. Rather than laying in bed on your phone get up and try out a 30 minute body workout. You'll feel great afterwards and it's better than do no exercise at all.

Just do it. Sometimes we have to just get up and train. When you finish an event or race you can look back on all those early mornings and know they were worth it. Even if it's only one early start a week to begin with, get up and go!

What are you tips for early morning workouts? Let me know @afloralcrown.

15 November 2014


I've been into fitness from a young age and as it always has, and still is, such a bit part of my life I don't know why I haven't really been sharing it as much on here. I follow a lot of fitness and health bloggers each of which offer me inspiration and motivation so I thought I'd share a couple of just some bloggers I love to keep up with!

Charlie Watson @ The Runner Beans
Leah Naturally @ Naturally Leah
Sophie Radcliffe @ Challenge Sophie
Stephanie @ A Magpie in the Sky

Who are your favourite fitness bloggers or people who inspire you to get moving and motivated? Let me know @afloralcrown on Twitter. Make sure to check out those mentioned, as they have some seriously great blogs and are definitely worth following! Also make sure to check back next week for more blogs to check out!

13 November 2014


Having looked at buying Nakd bars for a while, one day I added them to my basket and haven't looked back since. Yummy, super tasty bars that are all natural, contain no refined sugar, are gluten/wheat and dairy free, plus they're completely vegan! Only a couple of ingredients are used per bar so they're the perfect guilt free treat. They taste just as good, if not better, than your favourite chocolate bar and are seriously moreish. Like chocolate bars these aren't something you should be having everyday. I like to have them after a workout where I've been using weights with a banana as a good post work out snack.

The only flavours I've tried so far are Cocoa Crunch and Cocoa Delight. Both taste amazing. The two flavours above are Cashew Cookie & Pecan Pie, both of which I haven't tried yet but am eagerly waiting to try them out. Also on my list to try is Cocoa Loco, Banana Bread and Bakewell Tart.

Have you tried any Nakd bars, if so what did you think & what flavours would you recommend? Let me know on Twitter @afloralcrown.

09 November 2014


Just a few things I love most about running is the chance to - head out on a sunny day with no goals, all the time in the world and some new music on my playlist. This was one of those mornings. A four mile run through country lanes with the sun shiny and cold, but fresh air. Perfect.

Songs on today's playlist included:
- Ben Howard Hideaway (Kiesza live lounge cover)
- Of Monsters and Men Siloheuttes
- Ellie Goulding Starry Eye
- Of Monsters and Men Six Weeks
- Ben Howard In Dreams

What's currently on your running or workout playlists? Let me know on Twitter @afloralcrown.

07 November 2014


Last week I headed to Lydford Gorge with my friend for a walk through the gorge and to show her the 90ft waterfall called "The White Lady" - the tallest in the South West of England. As well as the pretty spectacular waterfall there is also the equally amazing Devil's Cauldron - a giant pothole isnide a ravine created by the powerful flow of the water. The walk takes about 1.5/2 hour depending on your speed (or longer if you stop to take a lot of photos like we did). I think it was around a 3 mile route, maybe a bit longer, but definitely a manageable walk. I've also filmed a short video which I'm hoping to get up later this week/early next week so make sure to check back for that.

03 November 2014


Yesterday, I hit the 200th day of my runstreak!That means I've run over at least a mile for the past 200 days. I did an update for my 100th day, and up to that point I had run one 10k event and one half marathon. Now at 200 days I've done another half marathon. I'm planning to carry on for as long as I can, but I have a big event coming up late next year so I need to figure out how this will fit into that training when it builds up a lot more. I'm currently aiming to go for another 100 days, which will bring me to a week after my 21st birthday in February, and then I'll see what happens from there!

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