31 December 2013


A quick post on some of my favourite blogs and films from 2013...
Just some of my FAVOURITE BLOGS OF 2013

For some of the blogs I regularly read then check out my blog roll here I'm hoping to add some more to it in the new year). You can also take a look at my Bloglovin' profile to check out all the blogs that I follow. 


The World's End. Although not as great as Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead, The World's End was a good finish to round of the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy. It's definitely worth a watch if you've seen the other two and if you're a fan of the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost duo or Edgar Wright's directing.
Monsters University. 12 years after the first film was released we saw the prequel to the events that occured before Sully and Mike got their jobs as screamers. Set whilst the two were at college the film follows a teenage Mike and Sully as they go about their college adventures.
Side Effects. An American psychological thriller featuring Jude Law and Rooney Mara as the lead roles. I won't reveal anything as I don't want to ruin the plot for you! I really enjoyed this film and it's on the American Netflix if you wanted to give it a watch!
Star Trek into Darkness. One of my favourite action movies from this year. A good sequel with a lot of action sequences and you can watch it without having watched the first one! There are subtle continuities but nothing drastic that would affect the main plot line of this film. Plus one of my all time favourite actors, Simon Pegg, has a greater role in this than the first film!

Those were just some of my favourite things from this last year! I'd love to know what some of your favourite things of 2013 were, so let me know!


A few memories from 2013...
- I started this blog back at the very beginning of January and have loved every minute writing and taking photographs for it since! It's definitely something I shall be carrying on through 2014!
- One of the biggest things was that I moved to away from home to attend university in London. This was something that I 100% don't regret doing. I have loved the fact that I live in London and get experience everything it has to offer first hand. This includes visiting an NFL Fan Rally in Trafalgar Square as well as getting to visit the Natural History Museum (one of my favourite buildings) many, many, many times.
- I purchased my DSLR (Nikon D3100) in June and then last week brought my new lens (Tamron 18-200mm) which I can't wait to use on a regularly basis. And in November I purchased a Canon AE-1 35mm film camera to develop my passion for photography and try shooting on film.
- I took a trip to Paris in August and got to visit Disneyland whilst there. It was an amazing trip and I loved every minute.

Moving on to 2014...
- I will be running a half marathon in April which I've already begun training for. I'm planning on posting my progress maybe weekly, so let me know if you're interested in that! I will have a bit more of an introduction post about that coming up soon.
- I'm hoping to take a trip back to New York and experience one of my favourite cities again.

Apart from that, the rest of 2014 remains a mystery but I'm very excited to see what happens next! I hope you have a lovely evening and I shall post tomorrow with my very first post of 2014!

05 December 2013


Some photos from when I visited Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park last week.

03 December 2013


Three month spice subscription (£20)
This is bit of an unusual gift but one perfect for someone who loves to cook and experiment with flavors. The curry box contains fresh spices and recipe card to create a curry as well as the side dishes. Each subscription box is enough for a meal to feed four people. There are options of a Favorites, Discovery or a vegetation box to choose from.
SteakStones Plate (£89.95)
The stone can be used at varying temperatures from cold to sizzling hot. You can cook on it or use it to keep the food at the intended temperature for a longer period of time. So whether it's to present or cook the food this a very interesting gift idea.

Wild flower utensil set (£119.85)
This is a bit more of an extravagant gift but one that is seriously pretty. Beautifully hand crafted and designed these would look amazing in any kitchen and are a stunning gift for any keen baker or household. The set is made up from a skimmer, masher, serving spoon, whisk and a spag spoon all with a base to display and store them in.

Tetris cookie cutters (£6.99)
Create your own game of edible Tetris with this cookie cutter set perfect for the retro game fan. Containing 7 cookie cutters in the classic shapes this is a nice small gift to give this Christmas.

Safari animal cookie cutters (£7.99)
If you know someone who loves to bake and loves animals then there couldn't be a better gift. A simple and cute idea that allows you to create 3D animal cookies. Whether you want to create a herd of one animal or a entire zoo with all the varieties, this is a little gift that is something a bit different. Dinosaurs aren't extinct with the dinosaur versions of the cookies available here.

Le CreusetThree petitie casserole dishes (£45)

Perfect for making individual meals such as pies and casseroles. A set of three stoneware dishes will make a lovely edition to a home. With their classic resign and colored stoneware they may be just the gift for someone who loves to cook.

Nesting measuring cups (£10)
A lovely set of 5 varying sized measuring cups that all fit neatly into one another. The measurements range from one teaspoon up to 1 cup.
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