24 February 2014


Some highlights from Day 4 of London Fashion Week

Another season and another gorgeous collection by Erdem. This collection was feminine, elegant and beautiful to look at. I loved the mix of fabrics used throughout the who of the collection and the contrast it created. The shapes of the pieces had a soft silhouette to them, with many cinching slightly in at the waist. Even when the pieces were still slightly more over sized they really suited the look and feel of the collection

Christopher Kane is a designer of heard of many times before but never really taken the chance to sit down and look at his work. I really loved the mix between the casual and the smarter pieces. This mix allowed a nice balance to the collection and offered a lot of different options. Many of the pieces worked well that they were both suitable for the Fall season as well as being ready to wear. There were a mix of more structured pieces as well as tailoring going on which all really offered, again creating a variety of options. The colour palette was kept very neutral with not brights on show. Grey was mainly used in a variety of shades to created depth and contrast among the outfits.

Where to begin with Burberry Prorsum? A stunning collection as always was shown by Burberry. With the opening outfit it was sure fire going to be an amazing collection. The main style running through this collection, and one Burberry have shown in their trailers running up to this catwalk show, were the hand painted details to the clothing. I loved the layering of the scarfs over the outfits where they were then cinched in at the waist with a thin belt. The bags were a beautiful shape and design and many also featured this hand painted design that Burberry have gone with this year. The colours used to create the outfits were gorgeous looked incredible for fall. As the collection progressed the colours turned more deeper and more autumnal. Season on Season Burberry pulls it out the back and this Autumn/Winter collection was certainly no exception.

My favourite collecton of the day has to be have been Burberry. Everything about it was just stunning and there wasn't a boring look. The details were on point, as were the clothes. I really think that Burberry gets better year on year and never stops producing beautiful collections.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com and the London Fashion Week website to keep up to date with everything that's going on.
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*Photographs via Style.com

21 February 2014


 Some of the highlights from Day 3 at London Fashion Week.
Much like last season this was another gorgeous collection by Temperley London. The detailing was beautiful and reminded me of a tapestry design. One of the stand out outfits to me consisted of a simple white shirt with what looked like a mixed skirt and jacket. The waist was cinched in with a thick black belt (far right). The addition of the thick scarf  made this look more Fall appropriate. The colors used were bright but toned down slightly by using pastels throughout many of the pieces. The shapes were kept fairly basic in their style and had a simple shape to them. Like always, Temperley offered a very pretty and feminine collection.

Topshop Unique is always one of my favorite collections each year. It's great to see the sorts of things that will be on the high street in the new season. It's also a collection that has a lot more wearable pieces in it. Everything featured in the outfits could definitely be worn. I really liked this collection, but did prefer A/W 2013. This collection featured a variety of pieces covering all sorts of clothing from dresses to trousers. One of my favorite pieces was a cropped fisherman jumper (far right). The color was gorgeous and it's also an incredibly versatile piece. Overall, Topshop was one of the best collections for looking at high street style and featured many pieces perfect to wear straight off the catwalk.

Tailoring and clean cut shapes were on offer today Vivienne Westwood. The collection was sophisticated and elegant. There were a nice mix of thick coats and jackets perfect for the colder days of fall. The mix of the dresses as well as the trousers made this collection one that was versatile and offered a lot of different options. The colors were kept very suitable to Fall with their being darks such as deep greens and navys.  One of my favourites was a thick knee-length coat with an over sized fit to with a simple double breasted design bringing it in at the waist.

The catwalk was awash with water at the Hunter show making it the perfect display for the brands waterproof shoes. This was the first time the brand has a produced a catwalk show. Hunter is known for its boots but this collection really drew me in with the presentation of their coats. I love the functionality as well as the style that was brought with these coats. There were a nice mix of brighter colors and darker more neutral ones. Overall, I think this was a nice first catwalk collection. It will be interesting to see whether they go down the brights routes if the produce a collection to show at the Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week held this September.

Another great day featuring one of my favorite brands, Topshop Unique. It was also a first for Hunter showcasing on the catwalk for the first time. Lots of patterns were on show today with many collections not having a block colour style.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com and the London Fashion Week website to keep up to date with everything that's going on.
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*Photographs via Style.com

19 February 2014


Some of the highlights from Day 2 of London Fashion Week.

From metallic pieces to the mix of softer fabrics the contrast really worked well in this collection by Emilio de la Morena. The structured skirts featured really created a lovely silhouette to many of the pieces. The mixture of textures added contrast among outfits and created an edge to the collection. The pieces were feminine and the cuts kept elegant. The outfits were fairly structured with clean cuts to them.. The fabrics chosen added to this more structured appearance with only a few having a looser feel to them.

John Rocha produced a show stopping collection. Elaborate and eye catching designs this was certainly a collection that was out to impress. I loved the 3D details that had been created to add texture and depth to the designs.One of my favorite pieces was a black dress with 3D texturing all over the dress beginning from the bust line (far left). With the sheer top section and the full skirt this was gorgeous dress that was elegant and feminine. The darker color palette worked well for the fall season and the pieces were all stand out outfits. This is one collection you have to check out in full. (Check it out here

Julien MacDonald was one of the most covered collections on my social media stream from the night. His designs were eye catching and offerered something different to the usual and this collection was nothing less than a dazzling one. The color choices and styles were definitely out to impress and it certainly did just that. The designs consisted of a great mix of metallics creating intricate designs on the dresses. The majority of the outfits contained cut out section and sheer panels. Julien MacDonald's designs were daring and this collection definitely showed the key attention to detail that he has a designer. Although not the most wearable designs we've seen this week, they were definitely some of the most beautiful. 

I think Sister by Sibling may have potentially been my favourite collection from the second day of London Fashion Week. One of my favourite parts were the overlaying knitted designs in a contrasting color. The who collection had a more boho and relaxed feel to it. I really liked the knitted detailing especially of the collars of many of the pieces. Overall, I really liked this collection it was eye catching, yet kept pretty simple in their designs. The hair was gorgeous. It was a brushed out wave look that looked effortless, yet still glamorous and styled. It was the perfect slightly bed head look. The hair was curled and then gently brushed out individually to create the formed waves that we saw. Fleur de Force has created a tutorial of the look, so be sure to check that out if you want to create this look!

Embellishments, funky designs and some interesting shapes were on display at Holly Fulton. The silhouettes of the shapes were kept fairly basic with the shaping to them being kept to a minimum. Many of the pieces skimmed over the waistline which created a boxier to the designs. Detailing was key among these designs with the extras added really lifting the simple shapes of the outfits. The color palette was kept fairly neutral with there being beiges and creams for many of the designs. There was the occasional brighter color mixed in throughout, with reds and blues making appearances. 

This second day of London Fashion Week was once that was filled with some extravagant designs. Detailing was also key among many of the designers. The colours were kept quick neutral with Sister by Sibling showing off one of the collections that broke out and went bold with its color choices.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com and the London Fashion Week website to keep up to date with everything that's going on.
*Photographs via Style.com, ELLE.co.uk and London Fashion Week

17 February 2014


Some of the highlights from Day 1 of London Fashion Week. 

Christopher Raeburn produced a collection where the coats featured were both stylish and functional.
A really enjoyed the color palette used in this collection and it was nice to see that they were much brighter colors featured during this collection. The bright colors really brought some light to an otherwise more darker colors that are commonly used for Autumn/Winter collections. Many of the coats featured a tie waist detail which kept the look casual, but still added an interesting detail that really worked. As well as designing his own collection for this season, he also designed the ponchos that staff down at Somerset House are wearing during fashion week. 

Todd Llyn heavily featured around black in a variety of textures and fabrics. Pleats were definitely in with this collection and the really looked beautiful in the pieces they were used for. The pleats were used in a variety of lengths the pleats created in the silky fabric brought texture and interest to this blocked color collection. The looks were chic and understated in the basic shapes and nothing to extravagant. Tailoring was also featured in many pieces with tailored suit jackets and shirts with the buttons done all the way up. A basic collection with interesting details that would work for a number of occasions.

Felder Felder created a collection that wasn't afraid to produce something a bit different and step away from the usual. The tops had a deep front and also a cut out detail at the bottom creating an interesting look to the tops shown. This range of details which contrasted well with each other. There were also more cut outs created (mainly in stripes in the skirts) which consisted of a sheerer fabric. This added an extra detail that worked nicely within the designs and created an interesting visual point. Overall, a very different collection with an interesting style for a collection for Fall. 

Bora Aksu was back this season and I couldn't have been more excited to view this collection. After the Spring/Summer 2014 collection I was quickly drawn in by the brand and waited eagerly for this new collection. It was certainly worth the wait. This collection was gorgeous. From the fine cut out details on many of the pieces to the addition of the cut collars across the pieces, this was my favourite for day one in London. The deep burgundy full length dress with a cinched in waist and full skirt (second from right). It is definitely a dress that would work well for a more formal event and create a look that was feminine and elegant. The belt detail cinching in the pieces at the waist really brought a lovely silhouette to the pieces. The collection was feminine and style. The color palette consisted of a mix of deeper shades as well as some pastels. This created a collection that would transition well from the warmer months through to Fall. 

Mark Fast produced a eye catching collection with some pieces that I now definitely want to own in my wardrobe. The pieces were mainly focused on a heavy knitted material, perfect for the colder months of Fall. One of my favourite pieces were featured in an outfit consisting of deep purple texture trousers and a matching jacket (second from right). The color of the fabric was beautiful and I loved the the high waisted trousers with the shorter cropped jacket. It was a more casual look to some of the other outfits that we saw on Day 1, but I think it worked incredibly well for this collection. There was always an amazing jacket featured (third from right). The shape was incredible, cinched in at the waist and then kicking out from the waist area. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this collection and thought it worked incredibly well as a whole.

A brilliant start to this season at London Fashion Week. There were a great mix of more formal and casual pieces as well as a range of colors and textures. It created a great starting point for the rest of the week! Two of my favourite collections from day included Mark Fast with his beautiful textured pieces and Bora Aksu, one of my favourite designers.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com and the London Fashion Week website to keep up to date with everything that's going on.
*Photographs via Style.com, ELLE.co.uk and London Fashion Week


On my birthday my friends surprised with a trip to the zoo! I absolutely love animals and have wanted to revisit London Zoo for ages now. I couldn't thank my friends enough for it, it was such an amazing day! It was a beautiful day, perfect for spending the day outside looking at all the animals. In the evening we headed home and had the best chilled evening including watching my favourite film, Hot Fuzz and a special birthday dessert!

I couldn't be more grateful for an amazing birthday weekend it was definitely one I won't forget.
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Last last year, this year I featured a day by day coverage of New York Fashion Week here on my blog. It was based around some of the collections that really stood out to me and I really loved from the week. I discovered new designers this year as well as checking out some previous favourites. I really enjoyed many of the collections that were shown this season and I'm already eager to see what trends will be hitting the highest street this year for Fall.

There were lots of things going on again during the week that there was never a moment without NFYW coverage. From their website to their Instagram to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week websites, their coverage of the shows was definitely worth checking out.Style.com was equally as great at provided coverage from the week with shows being streamed live and photos going up within a few hours of the shows happening. 

I've got posts up for every single day of NYFW featuring some of my favourite collections from those days. You can check them all out here and I'd love to know what you think of them! Some of my favourite collections from across the week were:

TANYA TAYLOR and NONOO (full post here)

A DETACHER and JILL STUART (full post here)


MICHAEL KORS and MARCHESA (full post here)

I hope you liked my coverage from this week as much as I have enjoyed writing! I've got some posts coming up about my coverage of London Fashion Week so be sure to check those out when they go live.
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*Photographs via Style.com

16 February 2014


A week including a few trips down to Somerset House to check out London Fashion Week and a trip to check out the red carpet of the BAFTAs. More posts on New York Fashion Week went up and I also started some coverage on London Fashion Week as well.

15 February 2014


Some of the highlights from the final day of New York Fashion Week. 

Block shapes, detailed patterns and attention draw to the waist on many outfits. This was Proenza Schouler. A designer I hadn't previously heard of brought on of the most interesting details to today's proceedings. I loved the patterns and the texture to the fabrics. The looks were some more casual to others we've seen this week but I loved the more urban edge I got from it. The cut out detailing on some of the pieces again gave an additional edge which I think work really well for this collection.

Basic shapes with interesting patterns and textures were on show from Calvin Klein. I really loved the texture to many of these pieces and thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity to many outfits that were shown here on the final day of fashion week. The shapes were kept simple but stylish and it was a lovely rounded collection that worked well as a whole. There were a mix of necklines amongst the pieces from higher scooped necks to deeper v fronts. These mixed necklines created an interesting look and feel. Overall, I really liked this collection. It was stylish, classic and extremely pleasing to look at.

Starting with colors, Polo by Ralph Lauren moved through from bright block colors based around a monochrome palette to a more casual affair. The bright colours drew attention to the collection and captivated you for the rest of it. The other pieces, after this slighty smarter section, offered up some more casual options for the fall season. The mix of jackets and the tartan print worked incredibly well. The final looks were stylish yet simply and something that could easily be translated to everyday wear. The mix of dresses and trouser pieces offered up a lot of options from this designer. 

Sleek, classy and sophisticated designs, Ralph Lauren offered interesting evening wear in a elegant fashion. The main theme of colour for this evening was created from a silky grey fabric which could be seen throughout the majority of the collection. Compared to the Polo collection this was definitely the smarter affair of the two and it worked incredibly well. From the tailored coat pieces to the sophisticated and elegant evening gowns this collection had a lot to offer up. I'd highly recommend checking out this collection in detail to see all the pieces if the collection as a whole.

So that's it. The final day of New York Fashion Week has fallen. Day 8 offered some classics styles as well as some more extravagent designs. It was a ending to a great week that has offered a lot. I've got a separate post coming up on my full summary from across the weeks collections so make sure to check that out when it goes up.

I hope you enjoyed this post let me know your thoughts below! Have you checked out any of the NYFW coverage? You can watch live the majority of the shows live here as well as checking out what the rest of the website has to offer.
*Photographs via Style.com. and Mercerdes Benz Fashion Week