29 July 2015


GCN (Global Cycling Network) on YouTube is something I've only recently discovered, but I've regularly been heading back to the channel to check browse their wide range of content. I'd still class myself as fairly new to cycling and I'm still learning a lot about the sport. Here are 5 videos that you may find useful if you're new to the world of road cycling!

Whether it's forgetting to unclip or having your saddle at the incorrect height - this guide is a great place to start to help avoid some of those early issues.

2. Changing an inner tube.
An essential whilst out on the road and one I think every cyclist needs to know. I personally use a different technique to the one shown in the video, but the basic principles are the same. One of the most important steps is checking the tyre to make sure you don't damage the replacement tube. 
The entire "Roadside Maintenance" playlist is definitely worth checking out for some other handy tips!

3. I'll admit I'm still a bit of a gear changer. Choosing an inappropriate gear though can result in a broken rhythm and a significant effect on your cadence.

4. Bike maintenance is an area I'm not the best at, but it is an important one. This tutorial leads you through cleaning the bike and also de-greasing - keeping your bike in great working order. 

5. I know it's still Summer but I thought I'd add this one at the end as it would definitely have helped me through the colder cycles! I've made many clothing mistakes along the way but I think I'm fairly sorted now when it comes to my cycling wardrobe options. 
What are your top cycling tips? Let me know @afloralcrown