23 July 2013


Here is another DIY for you today! As well as some written instructions I also created a video which you can check out below!
Things you'll need:
- Clear phone case (I got mine for around £3 from eBay, there are tons on there for lots of different phones!)
- Nail varnish
- Container
- Room temp tap water
- Nail varnish remover & cotton pads.
1. Choose your colours and fill a container to about 3 times the depth of your phone case with tap water, deep enough so that your case can be fully submerged.
2. Lay down a protective cover to protect the surface that your are working on. Unscrew all the tops of your chosen colours as you'll need to work quickly for the next part.
3. Start dripping your colours one by one in the container. Let the first colour spread before you do the next one to allow the colours to merge better.
4. Once you've added all your colours swirl them together to create the marbled effect.
5. When you're happy with the design submerge your case into the water. You need to keep the back of the case up so that the design is on the inside of the case.
6. Once you have submerged the case, clear away all the polish that is still floating in the water by taking a pen/bobby pin/pencil etc and swirling it through the polsih. It should all come away over multiple goes fairly easily. After you have removed it all take the case out and leave it to try. n.
7. To clean up the case use some nail varnish remover on a cotton pad and clear away any excess polish on the back of the case. You should be left with a smooth back and the design all on the inside!
And that's it your done! You'll now have a unique patterned phone case for only a few pounds.

Thanks for reading and watching! Please do leave any feedback for me as I would really appreciate it! Also if you found the added video useful, again please do let me know!

18 July 2013


What you'll need:
- Old magazines
- Glue
- Cardboard
- A bit of patience

1. Tear a bunch of pages from magazines - you're going to a lot for this DIY!
2. Take a page at a time and simply concertina the whole of the page, with around 1cm folds. You'll end up with a thin strip of paper all squished up.

3. Once you made a whole lot of these it's time to stick them all together. Take one of your strips and add glue all along the length of it. Then grab another strip and place it straight on top. You should end up with a strip which is now double in thickness. 
4. All you need to do is keep repeating the previous step until you get enough to create a fan which has even spacing all the way along and isn't too stretched. 
4. For something like the fan design you'll need to add a cardboard strip to the bottom edge to add support and also on the back of the fan in the center to stop it flopping forward and help keep its structure.

For the smaller circle simple do long concertinas and then fold them in half length ways so you get shorter but fatter ones. This makes it a lot quicker than using shorter pieces of paper and speeds the whole process up! When you have all your short ones its exactly the same process as before, but you want to stick the first and last concertinas together so you create a circle.

Let me know what you think of this DIY and thanks for reading!