31 May 2017


Managing to meet in Victoria at 3:45am, to board the 4:00am train? Total success.
Managing to carry two cups of tea to the train without spilling one? Not quite so successful.

#VueltaGranola, the trip where:
- I woke up the morning before and freaked out that I'd missed the flight - only to then realise we weren't flying that morning. Nothing quite like a mini freakout to relax you into a holiday.
- Where I ate a fair amount of granola (approx. two boxes worth).
- Swam in the sea.
- Ran along the beach.
- Laughed a lot.
- Ate 3 Calippos within 24 hours from arriving in Mallorca.
- Didn't catch a tan. Did burn a strip on my wrist.
- Oh... and also did some bike riding. Including riding up a few mountains.
- We managed to fit 3 people, 4 bags, and 3 bikes into VW. Severe Tetris skills.
- All of the above, and more... But where really, I mostly ate granola.

Kitty did a great recap, featuring some ace photos from the trip. The routes we rode, can also be found there.
You can see my many, many, many, photos of the trip below: