20 June 2013


I started this holiday scrapbook back at the beginning of this year now and wanted to share some pages from it in a little lifestyle post! This is still in work in progress as I am so indecisive! The scrapbook is from Paperchase and cost £8 and the paper tape that I've used is also from Paper chase and was £6.

I hope you enjoyed having a little peak into some of the photos that I've taken over the years!

18 June 2013


I started today By getting on the tube and heading down to the Natural History Museum. I hadn't been in years so headed straight to the dinosaur exhibits! After I'd done a couple of hours there I headed for a brief stop in Carnaby Street and ended up picking up a pair of shorts from Monki. My nan had to get back to meet a friend so we headed home and I thought I'd get this post up!
If anyone knows any good blogging apps for Andriod please do let me know as I'm currently switching between the app and web version of Blogger to get this post up and It is taking forever! The first photo is one of the setting last night and it looked amazing!

Thanks for reading!


Today's DIY is a cute idea on creating mini envelopes to present tiny gifts in!

What you'll need:
- Old magazines
- Glue
- Ruler
- Pen
- Scissors

1. Create a template of the design on a piece of card so that it's easy to duplicate. The measurements for my template are:
- Two large rectangles side by side are 6.5cm wide and 11.5cm tall.
- On the left hand rectangle you need to create a long side tab 1.5cm in width and the same length as the side of the rectangle.
- On the other rectangle (not the one with long tab) you need a top tab which is 2cm deep and the same width as the rectangle (6.5cm). The other tab needs to be 1.5 cm in depth and the same 6.5cm across.
To create the diagonal slants on all of the tabs mark 1cm along the top edge and cut at a diagonal from the corner.
2. Once you've drawn the template cut it out. Use the template to draw your shape onto your selected piece of magazine. When you've done that cut the magazine shape out.
3. Score very lightly along the tabs (shown with dotted lines on the second image).
3. Add some glue to the long tab and the bottom tab on the right hand side. Stick these both down and you should end up with a little pocket with a tab on the top.
4. Fill with your gift and then add some glue to the top tab to stick it down.
5. Add a message or name and that's it your done!

The template takes the longest thing to make on this DIY, but once that's done it's super simple to do! If you would like my template send me an email (my email is on my contacts page) and I can send it over to you!
Thanks very much for reading!

17 June 2013


I am currently in London for the week and thought as I was taking numerous photos I would do a little update post each day I'm here with some photos of what I've been up to.

I arrived in London after an early start and a stop off at Windsor Castle. I'm staying at my grandparents, so I went out with my nan for a short walk over the heath!
That's about it for today. I am watching some CSI at present whilst trying to type this off my tablet (so I apoligise if the formatting of this post is off at all!).

Thanks for reading!

13 June 2013


I recently mentioned this in my lastest Discovered this week and thought I would do a separate post on it and go into a bit more detail. This app uses your phones GPS to track the route and measure the distance that you've run, as well as letting you know your pace and compare your results to others. You can log in via Facebook or create an account. You simply enter your height, weight, gender and age. Once that's all done you're ready to run! To start your run click the run button and select the style of run you want to choose. Set the location (indoors or outdoors), your music playlist and then the orientation your iPhone will be at. Once that's done you can begin! As you run it will call out every K as well as the pace you are going at which I find really motivates me and pushes me to finish.

The other thing I love about this app is the fact it can sync with the Nike + website. This means that you can view your pace, routes and distance in greater detail when you get back, as well as seeing what other people similar to you have been doing. You can also set goals to motivate you to running more, as well as setting run reminders from your phone.

I'd really recommend giving this app a go if you're interested and seeing as it's free there's nothing to hold you back! It's available on both the App Store and Google Play so it's worth taking another look at.
Thanks for reading!

11 June 2013


I've used these for nearly 3 weeks on my regular twice a week wash (my hair doesn't need a wash everyday) and I've had different results each time trying to work out which combination is the best to use. The first time I used these I was left a bit underwhelmed, my hair looked and felt pretty much the same as with any other shampoos I had used before. However, when I've tried a pre-wash with another shampoo and then re-washing it with these I started to see the kind of results I wanted from this duo.

I've tried just this duo on it's own, double wash with these, pre-washes with other shampoos and mixing another shampoo with this one. The shampoo combination I've had the most success with has been using the Aussie Mega Shampoo to pre-wash it and then applying these to properly wash me hair. I noticed that my hair was certainly a lot more voluminous  it had texture and I even noticed that my hair was still soft from using the conditioner  I'm still trying to find the perfect combination that will give me soft hair yet with a lot of texture and volume but so far I have liked using these!
They are on the higher end of the hair care price scale, but even after 5/6 washes the amount in the bottles hasn't gone down by a huge lot with I'm impressed by as I feel like these could last a lot longer than I expected!

Next on my wishlist to try the is mini Surf Spray, so I may use my Boots points on this! Are there are Bumble and Bumble products you would recommend? Or any products you would recommend to give texture/volume to the hair?
Bumble & Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner mini bottles £5.50 each.

Thanks for reading!