22 August 2013


The other park at Disneyland Paris is the Walt Disney Studios which contains rides as well as shows.

In terms of rides this park has it's fair share! There are some really good thrill rides such as; The Tower of Terror, Crush's Coaster and the Rock 'n' Rollercoaster. Adding to this there are also some calmer attractions such as the Slinky Dog Ride and also the Hollywood Backlot Tour. If rides aren't what you were looking for, then I'd recommend going to see the shows that they have. They are a nice break from rides and also a chance to sit down and relax for a bit. There are around 5 shows in this park; CinéMagique, Animagique, Playhouse Disney Live, Sitck Live and Moteurs...Action! Stunt Show Spectacular. The Moteurs...Action! show is around 45 minutes long and is very entertaining! This is the only show outside and it is very well put together. The idea behind it is that they show you how they make an action movie with motor vehicles. It's definitely worth a watch! This park itself is a lot more unstructured compared to the main one, in terms of layout, as the only clear area (such as Fantastyland or Adventuredland) is the Toy Story Playland.

As mentioned in my previous post, (which you can find here) fast passes are also available in this park. Two of the biggest rides in the park offer them, Rock 'N' Rollercoaster and The Hollywood Tower of Terror, as well as Aladdins Flying Carpet Ride. The other big thrill in this park Crush's Coaster, which I would highly recommend going on, actually doesn't have a fast pass. This a brilliant ride and is also extremely popular so the queue for this is quite long, but if you don't mind the queues it is worth a go.

I've got a couple more tips following on from my last post, so I hope they are helpful!
Fast Passes. Like the main park, this ride does have fast passes so I would again highly recommend using them! All attractions with fast passes available are clearly labelled on the map.
Single Riders. Unlike in the main park, two of the rides here actually have a single riders queue as well as the standard queue. The rides that have this are both located in the Toy Story Playland and are the RC Racer and the Parachute Drop. Single riding means you aren't guaranteed to be on the same ride as the person you are with, but it does mean that your waiting time can be significantly reduced. For instance when we went to go on the Parachute Drop the main queue was 70 minutes whilst the singles riders were only 20. So if you don't mind being separated on a ride then it's definitely something to consider doing.
Arriving Early. As I mentioned earlier the Crush Coaster is one of the most popular rides in the park, but but it doesn't actually have a fast pass to it. As a result of this I would really recommend getting to the park before opening and joining the queue for this ride. When we arrived around 9:50 and joined the queue, there was already a 60 minutes wait on the board. If you arrived earlier there is a good chance that the wait will be a lot less! What you can do is if you are with someone then they could go and get a fast pass for another ride such as Tower of Terror so that you don't have to have two longs waits in one day.
Busy times and eating. This really applies for both parks. The busiest times in the restaurants are generally around 12/1pm when people are looking to eat. This is a good time to go and queue for some of the busier rides as there will be increased number of people at lunch. This is also similar for shows so it's worth checking out parade and show times to see when it may be less busy on the rides.

I really hope these posts were useful and that my tips help you if you are planning to visit. I would highly recommend Disneyland Paris (both parks and the village) and I would love to go again soon!!

Thanks for reading!