28 January 2014


Last Saturday a friend and I headed down to the Southbank to try out the food on offer at Wahaca. I had heard a lot about it from various other bloggers, so it's always been on my list on new places to try. I loved it there.

The whole of the restaurant in quite narrow and built in large container style design, built over two floors. The main restaurant area is downstairs and then the upper floor is half restaurant as well as a bar and small seating area. We tried two of the drinks from the bar menu, Citrus fizz and Hibicius Water, both of which tasted sooo good. Now to the food. My friend and I shared the "Wahaca Selection" which consists of; 3 pork pibil tacos, 2 quarters of a large chicken quesadilla, 3 winter vegetable tacos, 2 sweet potato taquitos and 1 corn & bean salad. There was a lot there and for the price (£19.95) this is something I would definitely suggest if you were heading out for lunch. There was a good amount of food and I personally think it was worth the money. The menu has a good range on it from small dishes to larger ones, such a burritos. Check out the full Southbank menu.

There are so many extra details which really make this restaurant have a lovely atmosphere. From the small woven baskets, to the wooden menus and even the small packet of serrano chilli seeds you receive on your way out, it really is a place I'm looking forward to revisiting. The restaurant is open from 12pm-11pm Monday to Saturday and then 12pm-10:30pm on Sundays.

I would really recommend taking a visit to Wahaca if you were after something a bit different for lunch in a great setting. If you are after something that you could grab and go, make sure you check out the Mexican Street Kitchen right outside the main restaurant. Have you ever tried anything from Wahaca before?
Nearest tube stations: Waterloo or Embankment (short walk to cross the river)


  1. I LOVE the look of that restaurant! I visited the one in Bluewater, but all the food was so spicy I couldn't eat it. I have to say that the blackbean dip is THE BEST! So tasty and not spicy, I'd definitely recommend it! Xx

    1. I will have to try out the blackbean dip next time I visit then! Thanks for the recommendation! xx

  2. I think it's really cool how you've reviewed a restaurant, and I love how this one looks! It looks like such an interesting place to visit. Plus, I really like how you've photographed this and other things on your blog. I love it!