20 March 2014


Last Friday I was out taking photographs for the Iconemesis Blog (make sure to check it out) and one of the places I visited along the way was a coffee shop called Exmouth Coffee. It was one of the nicest coffee shops I have visited and am already planning on my next trip.

Around a five minutes walk from Aldgate Tube Station (or Aldgate East is also nearby) Exmouth Coffee is the perfect stop to grab something to drink or a bite to eat. There is no sign for shop so make sure to keep an eye out for it as you're walking down the street (it's situated next to the gallery so it's not too hard to miss!). The large glass front to the shop allows you to peer in at the cafe and see all the amazing looking food on offer. From savory to sweet snacks, as well as freshly pressed juices there is a lot of tasty looking dishes on offer. In terms of price it's reasonable, it's slightly more expensive that some similar places but the cafe is such a nice atmosphere and the service is great, it's definitely worth that little bit extra. I had a brownie and fresh apple juice, both tasted amazing and I would definitely recommend them. I also had my eye on the salads and huge meringues that were on display in the window.

I'd highly recommend visiting Exmouth Coffee if you're in the Aldgate area and looking for something to eat or drink. Are there any other independent coffee shops you would recommend in London?