29 May 2014


For my friend's birthday I headed down to Leavesden to check out The Making of Harry Potter tour at Warner Bros. studio. Whether you're a fully fledged fan of the Harry Potter books or more of a casual viewer, like me, it's a pretty amazing thing to see the sets, clothing, animatronics and props from the movies in person. This is the first of two posts sharing some photographs from the tour as well as a little bit on my experience.

I took a lot of photos whilst walking around as there are so many things to see. The set designs were incredible and the sheer amount of props that feature in the background of scenes were amazing. Without the set being completely dressed with the additional background props the sets would look extremely bare. From the posters on the walls, to the detailing on brick work, there really is so much featured in scenes that our eyes don't tend to register.

Although you have to select a start time when you're booking tickets it doesn't mean that you have to leave after a certain time of being in the studios. Each tour starts with a short introduction before you are simply allowed to then spend as long as you want walking around the studios. Due to this staggering of tour times it means that areas aren't completely saturated with other people as you walk around.

My second post will be up soon with some more photographs from my walk around the tour!