30 October 2014


My film camera has been on the side of the my desk waiting to be used again. After I developed my first roll of film (some of the photos from that you can see here and here) I put a black and white roll of film in. It hasn't been touched since then. I haven't taken my film camera out with me anywhere, preferring my DSLR instead. But with a whole roll just sitting, waiting to be used, it's time to take it out and give film photography another go.

One thing that's both great and not so great about taking photographs on film in you're limited to shots. There is no delete button. You have 36 frames to take your photographs and once that's finished up with, it's done. You have to take the time to think about the shots, compose them, and work out if you actually want to take that shot. It's not just composing the shot but also setting up the camera. No auto mode here, you control your aperture and shutter speed. You have to think about it and that makes the process much more fun.

If you've thought about getting one, I'd really recommend starting out by seeing if anyone in your family has one lying around. I brought mine off eBay, there are lots available online, but the prices can be high. Also, check out charity shops or a camera shops if you have one near you. In terms of film there is a lot of different options out there. The colour film I used was a roll of Fujifilm that I got off eBay in a pack of 3 for around £10. My current roll is from Ilford which is slightly higher in price. There are a lot of different options to suit anyone's budget.

Have you shot using film before? If you have, I'd love to know what film & you use camera you use. And if you haven't , let me know if you plan to in the future or tweet me @afloralcrown.