23 November 2014


I'm sure most people will have experienced a run when it hasn't gone they way they planned it at all. The pace may have been all over the place, you didn't run as far or as fast as you wanted/planned to, your legs weren't feeling great or your head just simply wasn't in it that day. Just because you've had a bad run though doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Sometimes we need those bad runs in order to move forward with our training and have a fresh start.

Take this an opportunity to restart your attitude to running and also take a break if you need it. If you keep having a few bad runs in a row sometimes it's best to just take a couple of days off and relax. The pressure to run can especially build up whilst training for a race. Have that break period and allow yourself some time off, then come back to it. Not only will your body be rested and ready to go, but your head will also be in it more and you'll be mentally ready to run.

If you haven't got a goal to train towards, set one. It can be anything from a beating a previous race result, to a new distance to run. When we get stuck in a routine we can get demotivated. So, mixing up that routine can give us a chance to get out that rut.

Finally, everyone has their bad runs, no matter their level. Don't get down if it happens. Get some new music, perhaps a new route, lace up your trainers when you're ready and get out the door. You'll soon fall back in love with running and realise that the bad runs make the good ones feel so much better.

Do you have any specific things that you do when you have a bad run or workout session?
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*photo of the lovely Charlie from The Runner Beans - taken by me