12 June 2015


 *photos used with permission from the Meringue Girls - shot by David Loftus*
Rainbow battenburg cake, popping candy truffles with processco & strawberry and the promise of "the MOTHER"0 of all carrot cakes. Sold yet? These are just some of the recipes to be discovered in the second cookbook by the Meringue Girls.

From edible gifts, to showstoppers that would impress the likes of Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood - if you're into sweet things that aim to impress - "Everything Sweet" has it all. The photographer for the book (as with the first one) is the incredibly David Loftus, who has shot some seriously gorgeous images!

Last December I actually assisted on one of the shoot days for this new book and have been eagerly awaiting glimpses of it ever since. It was a pretty incredible experience seeing behind the scenes and I'm excited to see everything come together to produce this final product. A big bonus about a cookbook shot? Trying all the recipes that were baked that day! Everything I tried was seriously pretty amazing and I'm hoping to recreate a couple of them myself. The Crème Brûlée tart (pictured above second from left) is HIGH on the list - I may have a bit too many pieces...

The book is released on the 30th July and you can pre-order it from Amazon here. And if you fancy seeing some more sneak peeks from the book? Check out the girls on Instagram.

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