04 October 2013


Chanel and Louis Vuitton are designers I always keep an eye out for at every season. My favourtie collcetions from both of them to date are definitely the Spring/Summer 2014. This year was a lot different to what I was expecting so thought I'd do a separate post on the two collections, together.

Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 is my favourite designer collection shown at a fashion week. I loved everything about it, so year on year I can't wait to see what the designer brings out to top it. This year I wasn't wowed but I was however, intrigued by this collection. Firstly, I loved the setting! With a mix of a carousel, escalators, lifts and fountain, it was a lovely mix of settings from previous shows. The whole show was rather dark with the whole of the set being black. I had, and still have, mixed feelings about this collection. I really like the more wearable pieces, such as the denim, the solid dress and the jackets but I wasn't as big a fan towards the full lace pieces or the body suits shown. The colour palette was all black, to make the set, for the main fabrics with a small amount of denim running throughout. The shapes were kept quite classic in their design with the lace really adding to the collection. Overall I loved the settings, the attention to details and the way the collection was shown, but some pieces just didn't appeal to me as much as others in previous collections have.
I couldn't not post about Louis Vuitton without mentioning Marc Jacobs leaving the brand. I really love Marc Jacobs work for Louis Vuitton and I will be sad to see him go. It'll be interesting to see what Louis Vuitton brings next season but also interesting to see what Marc Jacobs does with his own brand!

Much like with Louis Vuitton, the Chanel S/S 2012 cat walk was amazing. The attention to details with the slick, wet look hair and the whole under the sea theme was just beautiful. The 2013 collection I liked, with the interesting use of patterns and the extremely interesting hula hoop style handbag, so I was ready to see what this season could bring. With over 80 looks there was a lot to see with this collection. There was such a wide variety of textures, colours and patterns used that there wasn't a look that didn't attract my eye or capture my attention in some way. The classic Chanel pearl featured in the show once again. This season it was in the form of two giant pearls on the end of a necklace. The main fabric used was tweed which was really interesting to see. I'm still not to sure how I feel about that for Spring/Summer though. I think the jackets would work really well for the colder Spring months but it's not a fabric I instantly think of using for Summer due to it's weightier nature. One thing I really liked about this collection was the amount of colour involved. There were pieces that were bright and fun with almost a brickwork bright patter (seen above). Other pieces had a softer, more subtle, colour choice with more mutual greys and oatmeals being used. One of my favourite pieces from the collection was an outfit with a multi-coloured tweed dress with an over laying black vest (above, top left). It really caught my eye and I just really liked the look of the multi-coloured tweed as it's something a big different. Overall, I liked the collection but I'm still unsure of some of the pieces shown. The pieces worked well and there was a lovely variety. It was nice to see so many designs but still each one being kept different from the next.

I had mixed feelings on both shows this year but after looking at the both multiple times now they have started to grow on my a lot more. What did you think of think of the Chanel and Louis Vuitton collections this year?
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*Photographs via Style.com

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