03 October 2013


The third and final post in a series, featuring some of my favourite collections from Paris Fashion Week this season.

Elie Saab's collection featured lots of different colours, shapes, fabrics and embellishments. Each outfit varied with no two outfits being too similar. The pieces were split into coloured sections with around 5 in each colour or pattern. They colours used were coral, white, forest green, multi-coloured flower detail, red, monochrome and finally back. The overall feeling of the collection was very feminine with the dresses
For many of the pieces the shapes of the outfit was kept simple but with detail being added through the embellishment. One of the most interesting pieces that used embellishment was a simple full length, white dress with a high neckline (above, second from left). This dress on this dress really caught my eye and look beautiful. Not only was there this texture embellishment added but also lace was used in many of the pieces to add another dimension and texture into the collection. The colours used and the pretty embellishments and florals on many of the pieces really made this a lovely Spring/Summer collection.

Stella McCartney showed a collection with florals and rich colours and fabrics. Many of the outfits shown in the collection were trouser pieces. The shapes of the trousers were kept feminine with the more tailored style but with the fabrics allowing them to be slightly looser and more floaty than a traditional suit trouser. A large flower print was used on many of the pieces. The print wasn't too big or overpowering but instead worked really nicely with the cut to the clothes. The silky fabrics used for many of the pieces, both as the main fabric and as accents to some other pieces gave a more luxurious and rich feel to the collection. I really liked this collection. Although the pieces were kept fairly simple, the fabrics and colours really created a nice rounded collection with pieces that are suitable for the new season.

Neil Barratt is a designer I've never heard of but it was one that attracted my eye due to it's simple nature and easy to wear pieces. It was quite a small collection compared to others. There was a mix of sweaters and skirts both in simple colours. It was an overall casual collection but one that still had a feminine feel to it with the more structured skirts and looser fitted pleated skirts. It was an overall monochrome affair throughout the collection with just a few pieces containing a pop of red. There were high necklines with scooped necks and the hem lines were kept a bit shorter with an added layer of cycling shorts added underneath for some of the short skirts.
I really like the Valentino collection this season. It was a collection that featured different ideas and a theme we haven't really seen this fashion week. To me it had quite a Gothic/Medieval feel to the collection but I really enjoyed. There was a mix of hem lengths which really worked nicely with both the fabrics and styles of the collection. There was a mix of fabrics from the lighter laces to the heavier pieces. There was an amazing amount of detailing and embroidery which gave a really luxurious look and feel. The patterns on show were amazing and very intricately detailed. In terms of the colours shown they are slightly darker than we have seen this season in other collections. Although they may not be that typical colours for Spring/Summer, I really enjoyed the look of this collection and the colours worked well with their richness and the embellishment shown.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com

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*Photographs via Style.com

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