10 February 2015


Today marks 300 days of running in a row! Wahoooo!
Now I know that there are people all over the globe who run everyday and 300 is definitely just a drop in the ocean compared to that. But I have to say I'm extremely happy with myself for carrying on with runstreak. Today I'll be celebrating 300 days of running in a row and looking forward to the next 65 that'll mark the point of me running a whole year!

So what's happened in the last 100 days since my last update post on the 2nd November? Well I've run over 170 miles, which recently included the Winter 10k in London. I'm currently in training for my first triathlon. As well as doing a fair amount of runningI've also added swimming and cycling into the mix. Alongside triathlon training I've also been looking at getting my run distance up again ready for my first half marathon of the year in April. The event marks the anniversary of my first half marathon and I'm excited to be running the same route. I'm definitely going to be aiming for P.B on the course. I say first half marathon of the year as my second one has been confirmed! I decided to enter the Royal Parks Half Marathon ballot after confirming I would be in London for the whole of the month and therefore able to run it if I was lucky enough to get a place. I had heard it was a tough one to get into for but I'm so happy to say that I was lucky enough to win a place in the ballot and will be running through those glorious Royal Parks this Autumn!

Have you ever wanted to take up a runstreak or are you currently running one? I'd love to hear if you are! I post every run on my Twitter so make sure to follow me on there if you want to keep up to date.

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  1. Congratulations on getting into RP Half. I missed out so am considering a charity place. But even BIGGER congrats on your 300 - inspirational!! :)