20 March 2015


Inspired by the awesome Cathy's post on 64 thoughts on a 64 mile bike ride I thought I'd share a few of my thoughts from my long swim this morning - 15 thoughts for 1.5 miles of swimming fun! 

1. Big push weeeee - 100 lengths and awayyyyy we go.
2. (8th length in) Have I lost count already?! I think I have.
3. I knew I should have gone to the toilet beforehand...
4. Third of the way - you got this!
5. And I haven't miscounted wahoooooo.
6. My goggles have steamed up - but I cannot stop!
7. I've still got to run later *cry*

8. Halfway! Let's try a slightly quicker pace.
9. (2 lengths later) Yep, the other pace definitely felt better. 
10. Why yes, lady in the lane next to me we are racing - you just don't know it. 
11. I can't wait to swim outsidemust remember to get a wet suit
12. 20 lengths to go!
13. Why hello there new swimmer! Welcome to this morning's race.
14. 100 lengths done - woooooooooo!
15. Best do two more.... just incase.

I'm doing a long swim roughly every two weeks as part of my training - today was 2.5k all in one go. I've got a post coming up on dealing with these longer swims,hopefully with a couple of useful tips!

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