25 July 2014


For those who already follow me on Twitter you may know that today I hit my 100th run streak day. This basically means that I've run at least one mile everyday for the past 100 days. In that time I've covered over 150 miles, ran my first half marathon and my first 10k - We Own The Night. My biggest inspiration for my starting my own streak was the lovely Amy Lawrenson (Associate Health and Beauty Editor at ELLE UK) who's dedication to running is just incredible. She's currently run over 450 days and on the way to her 500th, it's just amazing!

I started this run streak to challenge myself and after beginning one about a month before, but then having to end it to a slight injury (with a half marathon coming up I didn't want to make it worse), I'm super happy that I restarted it. Some days were harder than others but looking back at all those miles logged, it's definitely worth it. Do I plan to stop? Not at the moment. I don't know when I'm going to stop, maybe I'll make it to a year or more, like Amy. But for now I'm enjoying every mile I run no matter how hard it seems at the time.

If you want to keep updated with my run streak then make sure to follow me @afloralcrown!

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