22 July 2014


Today's post is a simple recipe on how to make homemade burgers served with sweet potato fries. The burger mix can also easily be used to create meatballs. Serve the meatballs with a homemade tomato sauce with courgette spaghetti for a healthier alternative to traditional meatballs and pasta.

Burgers- 500g mince meat (will make 4 regular sized burgers)
- 1 medium egg
- 1 small red onion
- Salt & pepper for seasoning
- Italian herbs for flavour

Mix all of the above thoroughly in a bowl. Quarter up the mixture and then shape into burgers. Once shaped cover the burger in a thin layer of flour before cooking them. You can either pan fry them or grill them in the oven, both on a medium heat so that it cooks evenly and doesn't burn the outside. Cook like normal, turning occasionally, until the juices run clear and the burger is cooked through.

Sweet Potato Fries
- One medium sweet potato
- Oil
- Honey
- Salt and pepper

Cut the sweet potato into normal sized chips. You can completely alter them for your preference, turn them into wedges, thin or thicker (you then just need to alter the time in the over). Spread the chips out evenly on a baking tray (I lined mine with tin foil to make clean up easier). Dash over some oil, then repeat with the honey. Sprinkle over salt and pepper. Place these in a  preheated over on gas mark 4/ 350 Fahrenheit/ 180 Celsius. Cook these for about 20-40 minutes until they're soft on the inside and with a slight crisp on the outside. Check them regularly to ensure they don't burn.

And it's as easy as that! A pretty quick meal with super tasty burgers and fries! If you make this recipe I'd really love to know your thoughts! Leave a comment of tweet me @afloralcrown.