15 July 2014


With only a small number of pieces making up this collection by Viktor and Rolf, compared to other designers, I thought I'd keep this summary a bit simpler. I loved the bows, the simple designs and styles to these pieces. With the hair styled down with a messy bed hair texture - it acted as the perfect casual accompaniment to the designs. It allowed the garments to speak for themselves without the distraction of overdone hair or makeup. Although they aren't the most wearable designs, (although that is to be expected somewhat when it comes to couture collections) I do think they could work really well at formal events, if worn by the right person. It would definitely make a statement on any red carpet. My favourite piece was a longer gown, sleeved, featuring a large centered bow (above, far left). It just looked gorgeous and is the stand out piece for me. I loved the addition of the bows, for some pieces it looked as if the fabric was simply tied place.
Personally, I loved the use of the heavy red velvet. It created designs that stood out and were definitely eye catching among images of some of the other collections shown this week. A simple yet satisfying collection by Viktor and Rolf this couture season.
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*Photographs via Style.com

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