19 January 2015


You may have seen me talk about this app a little bit before on my Twitter. This is the Nike Training Club app - another fantastic addition to Nike's collection of rather awesome apps (which also includes Nike Runningwhich is a firm favourite of mine!). There is SO much to do with this app that I'm not entirely sure where to start with this review?! So I guess it'll be easiest to start at the homepage.

Firstly you're greeted with the "Workout of the week". Workout inspiration right there. Ready at the touch of a button. No need to think of a routine and in a second you're ready to begin you're workout. This week's workout is "Sweat + Shape", a 30 minute routine where all you need is dumbbells (but you could always go without if you didn't have any). Having a weekly routine set for each week can be incredibly useful for those that need some regular workout inspiration or are pressured for time and struggling to think of what to do.

Little to no equipment needed
What's great about this app is it's equally great for working out at the gym or at home. Lot's of the workouts use your own body weight whilst others only use a few pieces of equipment. The equipment used are pieces that you'll find widely available at gyms such as dumbbells or medicines balls. Don't worry if you're not a member of a gym though as there are definitely a lot of other routines available that don't require this sort of equipment.

Videosphotos and step by step instructions
If you stumble across a move you're not particularly familiar with then it's not an issue. Simple flick through the steps with photographs or watch the video to follow the instructions. It's so handy having someone show you how to do the moves all within one app. You could then modify the moves to your level once you know how the move should be performed correctly.

Tailored workouts
Need a more structured program? Step in their 4 week long programs! Select from get lean, get toned and get strong. Then select whether you're a beginnerintermediate or advanced. (The level you chose affects the level or workouts you do each week). Review your program, click done and that's it. A tailored workout that will focus on the area you want to improve it. You can also sync up your runs to this feature so that it recognises these as extra workouts.

Specific targeted workouts
If you're not sure what sort of workout you feel like trying then hit the "Find Workouts" button on the homepage. It brings you to four choices - Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong and Get focused. Within each of these workouts you again has beginner, intermediate and advanced choices.
Get Lean - High interval cardio to slim down

Get Toned - Light weights nad intervals to add definition
Get Strong - Increased weights and reps to build strength

Get Focused - 15 minute workouts to target specific areas
Once you've followed through these two screens you'll be presented to a whole list of workouts to choose from. It'll tell you the length, what you'll need (if any equipment), the duration, allow you to set your music and also review (& customise) the workout before you begin.

My favourites include:
Vinyasa Rush
Dynamic Yoga
Solar Power Yoga

And did I mention it's all COMPLETELY FREE?! Personalised workouts, special guest workouts from athletes from a whole variety of sports - all right at the click of an app. I really cannot recommend this app enough. It has so many possibilities and I've personally only touched the surface of the number of workouts I've tried. 

If you've tried it out before let me know which workouts you'd recommend! And if you're in need of a little workout inspiration and motivation then definitely download this app. Need some new music for your workouts? Check out the Nike Women and Nike Training Club playlists on Spotify for some brand new music as well as some perfect classics.

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  1. This sounds brilliant, always looking to discover new free fitness apps! Do you think you'd stick to using it or is there a chance the novelty would wear out after a week or so? x