05 January 2015


About a week before Christmas the awesome people at Speedo very kindly sent me a rucksack filled with some fantastic pieces of training equipment. When they said they'd like to send me a small kit I was just expecting a swim cap and perhaps some ear plugs. So, when I arrived home to all this it's safe to say I was extremely shocked! I can't thank Speedo enough for sending this kit over, it's going to be extremely useful for my training this year! I haven't properly road tested any of it yet, apart from the microfiber towel but I've got a couple of posts planned ahead. 
I was sent three training aids which I'm hugely interested in trying out - the pullbuoy was actually on my Christmas list! It's also extremely handy having one dedicated bag to head down to the pool with as I normally end up taking quite a lot of things. 

Huge thank you to Speedo again and I'll be sure to post some kit reviews in the next couple of weeks letting you know what I think!