09 February 2014


Some highlights from Day 3 of New York Fashion Week.

Another day and another new collection to be discovered. This time it's A Détacher. Structured capes, jackets and dresses were the theme behind today's collection.The colour palette was a mix of more neutral colours with accents of brighter shades. Layering was also key here with pieces mixing shorts over leggings to add another dimensions to the looks. The layering on one of the pieces really worked well together (above, second from right) with different shades of blues allowing a visually appealing design. There were thicker pieces mixed in with lacier and lighter fabrics.

Lacoste offered a collection with a very sporty feel to it. The pieces were some of the more casual ones which we have seen today. The pieces were very relaxed and loose in their fit which worked well with the sports feel that Lacoste normally create with their pieces. The colour palette was mainly based around taupes and reds which worked nicely together. The pieces remained feminine whilst relaxed with the mix of skirts on offer. Jackets offered practically functionality for the outfits allowing them to work outside. These jackets were perfect for the track and suited the windier and wetter weather of the fall season. 

Nicole Miller's collection was the stand out of Day 3 for me. It was an interesting collection that really offered something eye catching. There were a strong amount of pieces within the collection. The collection worked well as whole even with there being a range of patterns running through out it. Some of the my favorite pieces were the designs of the skirts on offer. They were unique and captivating and each one was as individual as the previous. One of my favorite pieces was the peacock design that had been created. The feathers used created great texture to the piece which really stood out on the catwalk. With their being a number of patterned pieces being used it was nice to see that a blank canvas of basic black was utilized to allow the designs to really stand out. Without this black base to work from I think that the patterns would have been lost and cluttered with too much going on. Overall, this was a very  distinctive collection that brought something a bit different and more unusual. 

I loved Ruffian's collection for Spring/Summer 2014 so I was really exciting to see what they had created for their Autumn/Winter collection. In contrast to Spring/Summer it didn't excite me as much, but this this collection contained many interesting pieces that did manage to attract me back to the brand. The silkier, thicker fabrics that we witnessed last season by Ruffian were back for a few pieces for the Fall season. This time around they were more pattern and again suited the season. The shapes were structured but had a looser fit to other collections we've seen so far this week. The detail of adding coloured tights with the pieces definitely helped add to the collection with it contrasting with some pieces (such as above far right) as well as complementing (above, middle). This interesting mix of colour added a different edge to the outfits. 

Jill Stuart offered a collection that was both edgy and feminine. It was an overall more monochrome affair with an interesting used of polka dots running throughout many of the pieces. The skirt section of the dresses were kept floaty and elegant with the piece being cinched in at the waist to create a silhouette. The mix of more feminine and edgier pieces could not only been seen in the shapes of the clothing but also in the fabrics used as well. The mix of lighter fabrics and the tougher leather pieces contrasted well with each other. The coats shown looked perfect for the colder months with their thick fabrics.

Burgundy and deep reds were on show again with many collections using these colours on their palette. Tailoring within jackets and practicality of pieces were key with many pieces today. Designers worked well to create a mixture of designs that were both edgy and feminine. Patterns also played a key role creating different textures to the designs on offer.

I hope you enjoyed this post let me know your thoughts below! Have you checked out any of the NYFW coverage? You can watch live the majority of the shows live here as well as checking out what the rest of the website has to offer.
*Photographs via Style.com. and Mercerdes Benz Fashion Week

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