18 September 2014


Firstly, this book is amazing! A serious must have buy if you're looking for a new cookbook with personality, easy to follow and one that contains wholesome, healthy and just some downright good looking food. Created by two sisters, the Hemsley & Hemsley cookbook is filled with an exciting mix of over 150 recipes.

Another thing I love, apart from the layouts & photography is that it's not just a book filled with recipes - it's more than that. It shows you alternatives to current foods, providing healthier substitutions for the foods you love. It also helps to educate and look at food in a new way. It's definitely worth checking out this book if you've heard of the sisters before and are on the hunt for new and interesting recipe ideas. I've pre-ordered mine after falling in love with my friends copy! Once it's arrived I'll hopefully do another post showing the book in a bit more detail.

Check them out on: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, Pinterest, Website, and of course their book - The Art of Eating Well.

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