12 September 2014


As part of one of my modules at university for my first year we were set the task of creating a short documentary. As I love London Fashion Week I created mine around that theme. It isn't as perfect as I wanted it to be but it's a piece of work I'm proud of and wanted to share on here. I'm hoping to do a re-edit of it soon based around London Fashion Week as a whole rather than one specific season so I'll be sure to post that up when I get around to doing that!

I'm sadly not in London this year for fashion week but would really recommend anyone in the London to head down to Somerset House and just just check out some of the street style that's on offer. I loved being there last year and wish I could go back and film some more footage. I'm hoping to go again next year and create something similar but much longer in length.

A huge thank you again to @Rachhh_xo and @miss_magpie_spy for contributing quotes for this please. Definitely check out Rachel's blog and I highly recommend you to check out Nikki's website as her fashion illustrations and prints are absolutely amazing and just gorgeous.

I hope you enjoy the video. I would love to know your thoughts and if you have any suggestions for improvements. Let me know in the comments of tweet me @afloralcrown.