07 September 2014


Some of my highlights from the shows that were presented on Day 2 of New York Fashion Week - Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015 collections. 
 Rebecca Minkoff always pleases me with pieces that really suit the season and provides a great mix of designs that can be worn well throughout the seasons. This latest collection was no exception. I really loved the use of blues within in this collection, creating a gorgeous and light feel. The mix of dresses and trousers produced a collection that was well rounded and nicely contained a bit of everything. The overall feel of the designs was stylish, put together but still with a sophisticated and classy edge to it. The use of lace added more femininity, extra detail that added another dimension and texture to the designs. Overall, this collection contained some gorgeous designs, beautifully feminine and perfect for the warmer months.

I have SO MUCH love for this collection by Zimmerman. This is a designer I've previously unheard of but I am so glad I discovered them this season. The pieces were super feminine, frilly and just so delightfully pretty. I loved the use of layering among the designs, the mixture of fabrics creating textures and the beautiful colour palette that was used. I highly recommend you check out this full collection as the attention to detail throughout these pieces is just gorgeous! 

Nonoo was a a designer I first noticed last year and so I was excited to see what they followed up with this time around. A lovely mix of both more casual day pieces as well as designs perfect for the evening. The mix of lengths throughout the pieces also created a lovely variation. The simplicity the designs kept a more relaxed feel but through the fabrics and patterns used it was still kept sophisticated. I really like this collection from Nonoo and will be interested to see what they'll bring to the catwalk for their 2015 Autumn.Winter collection,

Sally LaPointe stood out to me today due her bright use of colour. The vibrant orange used as an accent colour really helped add some vibrancy and impact to the more simple silhouettes and styles that were used. I loved the bright orange folder over bag that helped to add a pop of colour to brighten up the outfit. This collection was fairly simple in the cuts used but this worked nicely with some of the pieces featuring bold designs and accents. It allowed those to stand out without being too overwhelming or extravagant.

From the second day my favourite collection has to be Zimmerman. Just gorgeous designs that instantly caught my eye and held my attention throughout. Monochrome was noticeable again in many of the other collections shown today but I did really enjoy showing brighter colours that popped.

I hope you enjoyed this post let me know your thoughts below. If you've seen any of the NFYW coverage or any of the collections I'd love to know. You can watch a number of them live here as well as checking out the whole collections and more thorough reviews on the Style.com website.
*Photographs via Style.com. 

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