05 September 2014


The first day of New York Fashion Week has quickly become one of my favourites since doing fashion week coverage on my blog. I LOVE the designers that show on this first day and I was waiting to see what some of my favourite designers have produced for the new season. So below is my collection highlights and summaries for a few of those designers shown on this first day!

Creatures of Comfort has yet again provided a collection that looks, as the name suggests, incredibly comfortable. What I love about this designer though is that it is still a very stylish collection, it's not sacrificing the style in order to maintain the comfort. I really love the mix of the thicker knitted pieces and the looser, lighter fabrics. It creates a great collection that contains both transitional pieces, and ones that can be worn straight from the beginning of the season. The knits consisted of a jumpers, waistcoats and longer cardigans. The pieces were all kept quite loose and were a good length. Altogether it was a slightly more casual collection compared to others, but still incredibly well put together and stylish.
Overall, I really liked this collection. It's great to see a collection that maintains a good balance between the style and comfort factor.

BCBG MAX AZRIA is back again this season with another beautiful collection. As with the past couple of collections, BCBG tends to feature silky, flowing fabrics that move with ease. The pieces are kept feminine and elegant, suiting the new season incredibly well. The colour palette was kept neutral with it's colours and even when a brighter colour was used it was a paler tone. These colours really fit in with the cooler months, being light and airy. I loved the sheerer, long fabrics that billowed slightly as they came down the catwalk. It was a beautifully put together collection that was stylish and sophisticated.

Tadashi Shoji has quickly become one of the collections I always make sure to head back to check each season. As always, this collection didn't disappoint me. I really loved the mix of colours throughout and there was a nice variety of tones within it. The use of black and whites provided a basic edge to some of the pieces, however details were added to these designs to not keep them too basic. The pieces overall were kept fairly simple in their cuts, but some featured details that looked gorgeous against their simpler backdrops. I really enjoyed this collection and love that although some pieces are kept basic, there is a sophisticated and impressive edge to them.

Marissa Webb has again produced a collection ready and raring to go for the Spring/Summer season with a fantastic balance of varying pieces. I really liked the mix of the trousers and skirts providing a great amount of versatility and balance. The designs had details that added interest but didn't over power the designs or look too extravagant, perfect for a collection that should, in theory, be ready to wear straight from the catwalk. The colour palette was kept basic with a mix of only a few colours allowing a great consistency across all the pieces. The dropped hems to many of the dresses allowed elegant designs that still kept a more casual edge to them. Overall, lovely feminine pieces that are great for both warmer and cooler days.
I LOVED the make up look that was used for this collection. A gorgeous bronzed eye that wasn't too extravagant and really added to the overall look of the collection.

Looking at the colours used across the collections on this first day, there were a lot of neutral tones. With the exception of three pieces in Marissa Webb's collection, there were no super bright colours that popped like we've seen in previous years from Spring/Summer collections. The neutral colours suit the cooler months of Spring, so it'll be interesting to see if any brighter and more punchy colours pop up across the rest of the week.

I hope you enjoyed this post let me know your thoughts below! Have you checked out any of the NYFW coverage? You can watch live the majority of the shows live here as well as checking out what the rest of the website has to offer.
*Photographs via Style.com. 

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