01 December 2014


To kick start these 24 Days of Christmas Fitness on my blog I thought I'd come up with my own little workout, and fitness twist, along to that famous Christmas time song - "The Twelves Days of Christmas". 

If you're not familiar with the song it works by adding on a new "thing" each verse. With this workout it's the same idea but where you're adding a move with each new round. For example: you perform 1 Jumping Jack, then 1 jumping jack followed by two burpees and then 1 jumping jack, followed by two burpees followed by 3 squats. You keep adding on each move until you end up performing all 12 together at the end, for the final round. There's really no rush with this work out, but it you time yourself today, on the 12th and 24th December you can see if you can do it quicker each time!


This workout is really it in its most basic and simple form. You can make the moves a lot easier or keep them simple depending on the sort of workout you're looking for. To make moves like squats and lunges harder; add weights or make them explosive - turning them into jumping squats and lunges to raise the heart rate and up the challenge. You can really adapt this workout and make it a lot more challenging if your looking for something harder.

To make it a longer workout you can either repeat it again completely from the beginning or you could work your way back down the song by removing one move each round as you go, meaning your last round will be just one jumping jack. If you're unsure of any of the moves make sure to check give it an online check, so that you know you're performing them correctly to limit the likelihood of receiving an injury.

I'd really love to know your thought on this workout and if you give it a go! Let me know or tweet me @afloralcrown.

I'm posting everyday as part of my 24 days of Christmas Fitness. Make sure to check back each day for a new post all the way up until Christmas Day - tomorrow's post with be my first recipe!