24 December 2014


Today's recipe is super simple and perfect for Christmas Eve. Remember those bananas I told you to save in the freezer from the ice cream sandwich recipe? And that spare bit of bar I said to leave behind? Well here is what you're going to need them for... a super easy and tasty ice cream with cookie dough balls that taste so good.

Simply whizz up the frozen bananas in a blender, add in a couple of balls that you've created from rolling up the bars and mix that all together. There we have it! The quickest dessert for Christmas Eve perfect to have whilst watching your favourite Christmas film!

Which is the Christmas film you have to watch every year? Let me know what films you watch at this time of year @afloralcrown. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve and a fantastic day tomorrow! My plan is to get up tomorrow morning and head out for Christmas Day run!

I've been posting everyday as part of my 24 days of Christmas Fitness. Make sure to check out all the other posts that have gone up over this month. Also make sure to check back tomorrow for a Christmas Day post!