06 December 2014


Following on from Thursday's post on homemade granola, here is the smoothie bowl. A super simple breakfast that tastes delicious, is incredibly versatile and lovely to have for breakfast. The smoothie base itself could also be a great afternoon snack after a workout.

For my smoothie bowl above I used:
- Two small handfuls of  frozen berries
- One medium banana
- Large Handful of spinach
- Enough water (around 100/200ml) to get the mix moving

Blend that altogether until it gets to the consistency you prefer. Add more water to make it more of a liquid smooth, or keep it thicker - which is the way I prefer it. Transfer the smoothie to a bowl and then top with anything you like! I added a teaspoon of flaxseed, a small amount of berries, and some of my large homemade granola to top it all off.

This is a great versatile breakfast where you can really customise both the base and the toppings. Acai smoothie bowls are very popular at the moment but you can also do the same with a green smoothie, using avocado to help thicken it up.

Have you tried smoothie bowls before and if so what are you favourite things to use and top them with? Tweet me @afloralcrown.

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