16 December 2014


Why I haven't already written a post about The Meringue Girls before I do not know. I've followed them for a while across various social media sites but I've only just thought about doing a post dedicated to these girls and their amazing creations! Alex Hoffler and Stacey O'Gorman (both trained chefs) met whilst working in a restaurant in Hackney, and since then their sweet empire has been on the rise.

Their 'kisses' are just the tip of that oh-so-sweet tasting iceberg. Cakes, macarons, desserts a plenty, the list just goes on. These girls already have a pretty incredible resume and it's just going to keep on rising. I am very excited to see what lies ahead for them in 2015 and for their second cookery book to be released! The photographer for the girls is David Loftus, who does pretty epic photography. The pictures literally look good enough to eat and are a fantastic companion to the recipes.

I recently had the very great pleasure of meeting the girls in person and they were seriously so lovely to meet, I had a brilliant time. They were both so nice and you can tell that the girls, and everyone they work with, are hugely passionate about what they do. It shows through the products they produce, and the care and attention to detail is not skimmed over one bit.

The kisses above are just part of the girls whole range of super tasty collection. Above is lemongrass & ginger (yellow), green & pink (watermelon), blue (gin & tonic), passionfruit (orange) and pink (raspberry). These are seriously awesome treats to impress someone this Christmas. Not only are they super tasty but how great do they look?! Give someone a pack of these and they will definitely be a winner. These aren't just great for Christmas either, they're lovely treats to surprise someone with all year round or definitely worth keeping to eat for yourself. Due to the fragile nature of these meringues they can only be delivered to addresses in London but you can pick some up, in person, from the Selfridge's Food Hall on Oxford Street. If you fancy making some of these delightful treats yourself, then check out their book as it shows you how to make a ton of recipes including the famous kisses!

If there's one thing you do today, check these girls out on: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & their website