23 December 2014


I'm currently trying to create and write out a long term training plan for an event I've entered into for September 2015. I'm in the early stages of my training at the moment, building up my strength and hoping to begin a proper training routine in the early months of the New Year. As it's still a very big work in progress I thought I'd share my current experience to both help you if you're in a similar process and also to see if any of you could offer any tips to me!

One of the first things that has really helped me is jotting down each time I do a workout and what it consisted of. This means when it comes to planning future workout it's helps me to keep track of which ones I need to do next. I'm definitely a visual person when it comes to planning, so for me it's helped a lot having everything I've done (and hopefully plan to do) written in front of me. It's also a good idea to have anything you've got planned on a calendar. Things like work, holidays, days outs - all can be written down. This makes it a bunch easier to add in your training sessions. You know when you can or can't do a specific training schedule and also when you may need to move a session if you can't make it. 

Draft, re-draft and draft again. It's a long process but I THINK I'm slowly making some sort of progress towards finalising a somewhat basic plan of action. I'm getting there but sometimes I'm far too indecisive. It's taken me a couple of weeks to get to a point where I'm getting my head around what I need to do and when. It's going to take another couple of weeks to settle into a routine and make sure I'm fitting all my training in but, I'm excited to start doing some harder training sessions and to see my mileage grow! 

At the moment the one thing I'm struggling on is finding a place to put a plan. I've though about a calendar but that spaces aren't bit enough. I've looked at a diary but at the moment it's not visual enough. So I'm really wondering what I should do in terms of finding a way to write down and display my schedule so I know exactly what I'm doing and when.

If you have any suggestions at all on constructing a training plan (long or short term) please send them over of tweet me @afloralcrown.

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