05 September 2013


With New York Fashion Week kicking off the season for this years shows in "The Big Four" (New York, London, Madrid and Paris) I thought I'd do a post on some of the main shows I'm going to be keeping an eye out for after seeing their S/S Collections from last year!
Lets start at London!

Burberry is one of my favorites shows from each season on fashion week and this year I hoping that won't change. I look forward to seeing the coats that they've produced for Spring/Summer. I'm also looking forward to seeing the colours used as I loved the brights and metallics that were seeing to make last years pieces.

From the sets used to the bags featured, Mulberry is a show that shouldn't be missed. Also keep an eye for any canines that may make an appearance. Mulberry is my show to watch mainly to see the new season bags they have got coming out as there's always one I'll quickly have my eye on.

Topshop Unique is a great show to watch to see what sorts of things may be on the high street. I really liked their A/W 2013 Collection as well as last years S/S so I can't wait to see what they bring out this year.

At Paris Fashion Week it has to be the Chanel and Louis Vuitton shows.

The S/S 2012 by Louis Vuitton is I think one of my favourite collections to date. I loved the whole look of the show from the carousel to the clothes plus the make up and hair the models were beautiful.

The set for the S/S 2012 Chanel runway show was amazing so I'm expecting big things this year. The whole theme of under the sea with all the pearl details was amazing. From the slick backed hair to the intricate pearl placed detail along the spines of the some of the models, I'm very excited to see what Chanel offers this year.

Finally the one to set this season rolling, New York Fashion Week. I've been looking at London Fashion Week for a couple of years now but it's only really this year that I've delved into New York Fashion Week.
With the similar more classic designs Ralph Lauren I feel is a show that needs to be watch. Many times the looks show are ones that can be worn straight off the runway, so it's great inspiration for what to wear next season.

I've looking at previous Marc by Marc Jacobs swiftly became a firm favourite. I loved last years colours that and the main patterns featured, as well as some pieces which I thought could easily be worn straight from the catwalk and weren't too out there. I fell also in love with some bags and headscarves that were used.

Jill Stuart is a fairly new designer to me but after seeing last years S/S collection I will be keeping an eye on this years. I really liked the fine details in the fabrics and many of the overall looks so Jill Stuart was quickly added to my watch list.

And that' it! I hope you enjoy this post and I'd love to know what designers shows you are most looking forward to seeing this year.
Thanks you very much for reading!
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*Photographs from London Fashion Week/Mercedes Benz Fashion Week sites. All graphics and background designs are created by me and should not be saved/copied or replicated without permission. Marc by Marc Jacobs photographs by Marcus Tondo/GoRunway.com via VogueLouis Vuitton and Chanel photographs from Marie Claire.

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