15 September 2013


Day 1 of some of the collections shown at London Fashion Week on Friday 13th.

Jasper Conran was a collection that I was interested in from the first look. I really liked the paler choice of colours used, as even though they were colours that are normally bright, such as orange, they were muted down a bit to create a more wearable look. The pieces floated so nicely as the models moved down the catwalks which add to the overall feminine feel of the show. The small details, such as the colours really added to the designs. I loved the simple shapes that were created for this collection but what I loved more were the patterns on the pieces. The pinstripes fitted the looks incredibly well, as did the chevron print which look great with the choice of colours. I also loved the more graphic design used on some of the pieces, (above, far left & second from right) with the small print making a subtle impact from a distance.The fitted tops worked well with the looser bottoms to create a airy feel to this collection.
This collection was one that was bright, airy and definitely ready for the Spring/Summer season.
Hairstyle - The hair was kept basic in a long, sleek style in a center parting.

Felder Felder was a shorter collection that I've seen before but one that still showed variety in the pieces it has. The styles and cuts were more usual with looks that were more wearable than others. Some of the dresses (second from left and second from right, above) were fitted throughout the dress before cinching in below the hips. On other dresses the waist was more defined by cinching in or having a small cut out detail at either side of the pieces. There was a mix of colour used with the majority being simple and not as bright compared to others. Blues were quite often featured with the shades being brighter compared to previous more muted blues we've seen in some other collections shown in New York. A few of the pieces in the collection were made from a silkier fabric which worked well with the more structures idea to the outfits in the collection.
Hairstyle - This was the most unsual hair from the collections I watched on the day. The roots and front section of the hair were wet look in their appearance.
The rest of the hair containted some gel to give texture and a style without looking completely saturated and making it a wet look all over. The hair was all kept loose and the hair either fell down the back of the model or was brought over the shoulders on both sides.

There were some really interesting looks at the Bora Sksu show. With there being a lot of sections to some of the pieces. It was definitely one of my favourite collections of the day and there were lots of pieces shown that I feel could be worn off the catwalk. My favourite piece from the collection was a bright orange dress with some really beautiful white detailing to it. The majority of the pieces featured a high neckline that work well with the designs and style of the dresses. The pieces were more structured and smart whilst still retaining the feminine style. The most usual part to the outfits were the socks and sandals look which worked well with the looks of the collection but aren't really an aspect that I would ideally be ready to wear. 
Hairstlye - A simple up do with a side parting created a sleek look and smart/casual look to them. They worked really well with the pieces shown in the collection and tied in well with the looks.

Jean Pierre Graganza featured a lot of monochrome pieces in him collection. The silhouettes of the pieces were kept fairly simple with the patterns creating the greater impact and drama to this collection. With a mixture of the colours used to create a panelling effect to some of the pieces it added nicely to the collections look. The materials had a sheen to them with silver fabrics also being used to add an extra style of detailing in the form of panels. Some of the skirts were more fitted whilst others had a better flow to them, even in the thicker and stiffer material that was used. It was a collection that had a mixture of simpler pieces which could be worn straight of the catwalks and those that may not be as suited for everyday wear.
Hairstyle - Slicked down at the root in a precise center parting this was a simple yet defined look.The rest of the hair remained straight with a small bit of texture and was pushed back behind the shoulders of the model.
It was a slightly harsher look but paired with the make up, it worked well with the pieces shown in the collection.

My favourite collection of the Jasper Conran. It really was ready to wear and was a great mix of pieces. The patterns were eye catching but due to the more muted colours still made sure that the pieces weren't too dramatic and remained wearable.
Monochrome was back in many collections as well as some earthier colours such as those seen at Jasper Conran. Blue was also back from the bright cyan blues to the darker navys.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com and the London Fashion Week website to keep up to date with everything that's going on.

Thanks for reading!
*Photographs via Style.com, ELLE.co.uk and London Fashion Week

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